simpleek Guests On Simply Otaku Podcast

Being a blogger often means that your voice is primarily heard through the written word. As a reader you have to imagine what the writer may sound like in real life. At least I personally do. When an opportunity presents itself to have a blogger you follow be a guest on someone’s podcast, I’m always eager to listen to it to finally hear the real voice of the person whose writing I enjoy and admire greatly. If you have been following my blog for a while now and have always wondered what the lady behind simpleek sounds like, this is your chance!

Qudduws Campbell, also known as Q, of The Buttonsmashers invited me to guest on his Simply Otaku podcast some months back. Simply Otaku is currently being relaunched and my time on the podcast is the pilot episode to kick it off.

You’ll hear me talk about a variety of things, from how I started blogging to why everyone should travel outside of the country at least once. While Simply Otaku is primarily an anime/manga podcast, I suppose Q and I enjoyed our conversation so much that it went off the rails and we talked about everything and anything EXCEPT anime/manga. We’ll have to rectify that someday.

Special thanks goes to Q for having me as a guest on one of The Buttonsmashers’ podcasts. I had a blast talking to you and I hope to be invited on another podcast in the future!

Listen to the episode here and make sure to visit The Buttonsmashers website for more podcasts and geeky content.

2 thoughts on “simpleek Guests On Simply Otaku Podcast

  1. That was such a fun podcast! The notion of one being a “mystery” due to the lack of online photos is kinda hilarious. I get it why some people might find it odd that some of us don’t want that kind of presence on the Internet, but I’m totally with you – let the mystery live on!

    1. Thanks Cary! 🙂 I really enjoyed being a guest on it. And it’s so true about the Internet not being so anonymous of a space these days. People post their pictures or broadcast themselves in places, like YouTube or Twitch without making a big deal out of it. But I guess we’re part of the old school set that rather stay a little concealed. 😉 I still prefer my blog be the main attraction and not so much about what I look like. At least people know what I sound like!

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