Sail Away: Vacation and Hiatus

One of the advantages of being a working adult is having the ability to earn and save enough money to go on vacation. I’m never one to pass up the opportunity to take the vacation days I have and go someplace new and exciting. Whether it’s in the country or outside of it, I’m always anticipating what kind of new memories and stories my next travel destination will give me.

The tulip fields at the Keukenhof.

The wanderlust bug has bitten me once more, which means my blog will be going on hiatus during the time I’m away on vacation for much of May. Later this week, I’ll be sailing the vast open seas onboard a cruise ship leaving from Amsterdam that will take me to Ireland, Scotland, Norway, England, Belgium, and France. I’ve been to 3 out of the 7 countries in our planned itinerary, but I’m always happy to revisit any of the places I’ve been to before. Or use it as a chance to catch things I may not have been able to see the first time I visited.

The trip has been timed with the famous tulip blooms all around Holland. Being a huge flower enthusiast, it has been a bucket list item of mine to see the country come alive in a burst of color. Springtime in Europe will certainly be a sight to behold.

Regular posts on the blog will resume at the beginning of June. It’s a pretty long break from blogging, I know, but this will give me enough time to come home and get myself settled back into my day-to-day routines and shake off any remaining jet lag I may have. I also think this vacation is a good time for me to rest and recharge. I’ve been busy, both the good and not so good kind, and I have been starting to feel like I’m running out of steam. A little time away is just what the doctor ordered to come back to my blog feeling refreshed, inspired, and energized to continue writing the type of posts my readers have been enjoying.

Until then, see you all in June!

4 thoughts on “Sail Away: Vacation and Hiatus

    1. Thanks! I’ve been to Europe during the fall and summer so far. I’m really excited to experience it in the spring, especially with the tulip bloom in Amsterdam. 🙂

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