Give Thanks: Video Game Characters I Would Have Friendsgiving With

Thanksgiving is just a few days away for many Americans who celebrate it. It’s a time for family (or friends) to gather together once more to give thanks for what we have and to eat ourselves into a turkey induced coma. While I look forward to piling my plate high with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and all the traditional foods you would see at a Thanksgiving table, what I really enjoy the most is the quality time I get to spend with my family. Food and great company are a perfect pairing, and it makes me think about a scenario in which I’d be able to celebrate Thanksgiving, or Friendsgiving, with some of my favorite video game characters. In honor of Thanksgiving week, I have created a shortlist of a cast of video game characters I would most want to spend Friendsgiving with.

The Boys From Final Fantasy XV

Friendsgiving would be an intimate but fun affair with the bros from Final Fantasy XV. [Credit: Square Enix]
When having a holiday get together, you’ll want a group who are natural conversationalists. Bonus points if there’s one person in the group who knows their way around a kitchen to contribute a dish for a potluck style Friendsgiving or possibly assist you with the cooking. Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis would fit into this description easily. Not only would the boys come armed with plenty of stories from their travels to tell at the dining table, but Ignis is a bit of a culinary genius who can probably turn ordinary cranberry sauce or stuffing into a gastronomic masterpiece.

When food looks this good, you would want Ignis to be your personal chef too! [Credit: Square Enix]
If you ever played Final Fantasy XV, one of the best parts about setting up camp for the night is when Ignis has the opportunity to whip up something from the selection of recipes you collect throughout the game. Or hearing the words, “I’ve come up with a new recipe,” after gaining more ingredients Ignis can cook with will send shivers of delight throughout your whole body. I’ve never played a game where the recipes in your inventory look so appetizing you wish the food shown on the screen were real. Adding a new recipe to your growing collection is as exciting as going through the shots Prompto has taken on his camera—you never know what you’ll be getting next. Ignis can take over my kitchen any day of the week!

The Cast From The Ace Attorney Series

We’re going to need a bigger dining room space… [Credit: Capcom]
Phoenix Wright. Miles Edgeworth. Maya Fey. Apollo Justice. Athena Cykes. You name it, I want practically all of them at my Friendsgiving table. Even supporting characters like Detective Dick Gumshoe, Larry Butz, Ema Skye, and Trucy Wright are all welcome to come on over. Sure, my place will be pretty cramped hosting that many people under one roof but how great would it be to witness Phoenix yell “Objection!” while catching a football game, or seeing Trucy regale everyone with her magic tricks? With so much activity going on, it’ll be a Friendsgiving worth remembering. Just gotta make sure I have enough food to feed a sizable army of lawyers and their associates…

The Cast From The Original Mass Effect Series

A crew of this size needs a huge space for a party. Luckily, Shepard has that covered. [Credit: YouTuber KurauAmami]
Similar to the characters from the Ace Attorney series, it would be impossible to have a few over for Friendsgiving without including the rest when you’re talking about inviting Commander Shepard and his/her crew. I would grill my femShep to tell me stories about her space exploits with Wrex hanging around to chime in about some of his, put Kaidan on bar duty to serve drinks while watching over Tali to make sure she doesn’t drink too much, and have Garrus tinker around with the music playlist with Liara giving some of her input to get everyone in the party mood.

One thing I probably wouldn’t be too concerned about is where Friendsgiving takes place. With some convincing, I’d have my femShep host it in her swanky new apartment on the Citadel, provided that I’d take care of the food and libations. This is the biggest advantage of spending Thanksgiving with the Mass Effect gang—femShep has the place and space to have a big party. I mean, have you played the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3? This is a group that knows how to party!

These are my picks for the cast of video game characters I would love to do Friendsgiving with. No matter where you are and who you’re with, make sure to be thankful for the people who make your life worthwhile. They’re far more important than wondering who gets the last piece of pumpkin pie.

Who would you want to spend Friendsgiving with?

7 thoughts on “Give Thanks: Video Game Characters I Would Have Friendsgiving With

  1. Honestly I have no idea, I never thought about something like that before, but it is a cool question and one I haven’t seen before. I would probably pick some of the people from Dragon Pilot, and Oh My Goddess

    1. That’s cool! I know I have a number of anime characters I would want to do Friendsgiving with too. Maybe that should be my next holiday themed post for next Thanksgiving!

    1. I know! I’d be freaking out if Shepard or Garrus or any of the crew were in the same room as me. They just look like a bunch you’d want to have any gathering with to be honest.

  2. Nice hypothetical post. I would also want to hang out with the groups you mentioned. But there’s one I want to to do Friendsgiving with—the Smash Bros Characters. A fan of Mario here! Haha.

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