Summer Style: Pants To Beat The Summer Heat

When the weather starts heating up, everyone has their personal fashion preferences they like to wear to keep cool and stylish during those summer months. There’s a lot to choose from, like flirty dresses or shorts with just about any summer top that’ll go with it. But there’s some clothes you might not think would work well to beat the heat and that’s pants.

The arrival of summer usually means people are shedding more layers than they’re putting on. No one wants to wear clothing that constricts, as those temperatures steadily climb to the 80s and 90s. Pants are the last thing you’re going to put on during the summer, right? Well, not if you’re wearing the right material and style.

Linen or rayon fabrics with a loose fit and wide pants leg are the perfect alternative to short shorts. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to show off a lot of skin, these kind of pants are what you want in your closet. Both materials are lightweight and come in different sizes, colors, and prints. Depending on what kind of pants you decide to buy, a lot of them can be converted from casual to dressy in a snap. When the heat index is really high, linen is often the preferred fabric to wear over rayon for being more breathable than any other worn during the season.

Linen pants, like these from Old Navy, are the ideal lightweight fabric for the summer.

I don’t typically like wearing shorts in the summer unless I have to, like for those times I go to the beach. I often prefer to switch between dresses, skirts, and jeans in the summer months.

Jeans? You’re probably wondering for all my talk of linen and rayon pants, why the hell would I wear jeans in the summer, the heaviest and least breathable fabric in the heat? I admittedly haven’t bought a few pairs of linen and rayon pants for the summer. Not yet anyway.

I once had a really great pair of floral printed rayon pants during my pre-teen to early teen years. I loved those pants to bits and weirdly enough they were the only pair of pants of this kind of fabric I owned. Once I outgrew those pants, I donated them and never thought to buy another pair again. But with the never out of style linen and rayon pants, these are investments I should be making. How can I not when they’re as interchangeable as skirts and shorts are?

The next time you’re looking to balance out your summer attire without going full bare legs and sleeveless, go for the light and airy linen or rayon pants. They’re the cooler and more versatile option to have in your closet when jeans just aren’t really practical in the heat.

Forever 21’s rayon printed pants are cute and loose enough to wear during those hot summer days.

Do you own these kind of pants?

4 thoughts on “Summer Style: Pants To Beat The Summer Heat

  1. I agree, these types of pants are fantastic for the hot seasons. I do have a pair of white linen pants I originally bought for the beach, but they for course serve more purposes than that. I also have a pair of really thin breathable patterned pants my mother-in-law picked up for me in Vietnam. I too often forget about these pants and reach for shorts, but I honestly don’t actually like wearing short shorts or skirts.

    1. They’re good to have, right? This is why I really need to consider getting myself a linen pair. During the summer I’m almost always wearing jeans if I’m not wearing skirts or dresses. I’m definitely not the type to expose that much skin.

  2. I just can’t do pants in the summer, the time of year when I live in skirts and shorts, and I’m truly amazed at the people who do! I see lots of women in the city in cute, light, flowy pants like the ones you’ve pictured. And I really like the current trend of pairing pants like this with flat slides and mules – it’s casual and dressy at the same time. But it’s not for me. 🙂

    1. We all have our personal preferences, right? When it gets excruciatingly hot, like 90s and even 100s hot, then I won’t be wearing jeans. It’ll be bare legs all the way! I do wonder if I finally get my own pair of linen pants if they’ll work just as well in extreme heat? I’ll have to test it out when I get one. But sweaty and hot weather will almost always have me in skirts or dresses instead. 🙂

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