Land, Air, And Sea: Vacation And Blog Hiatus

The official start of summer is June 21st and it’s about that time most people will be planning getaways, whether it be big or small. When you’re a working adult, it almost doesn’t matter when you take off for vacation. As long as there’s no conflict with work and personal schedules, you can go away any season. But one advantage of going away during the summer is the warmer weather. The clothes you pack will be lighter and there’s no need to lug around a bulky winter jacket, at least if you’re not heading to Antarctica. What’s with all this talk of vacations and summer? I’ll be heading out on my next adventure!

This announcement won’t come as a surprise to my long-time followers, as I’ve made it a point to travel to someplace new or old every once or twice a year. My wanderlusting heart won’t be tamed! This time my travels keep me firmly in the United States, but to a place I’ve always wanted to go since I was a little girl—Hawaii! For a week I’ll be sipping tropical drinks and sinking my toes into the sand as I gaze out into the crystal clear blue waters of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. My blog will be on pause until I return around the first week of July.

The dream is finally happening. [Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line]
Depending on how badly jet lag I feel, I’ll make an attempt to update my blog the week I return. If not, regular posts will resume on Monday, July 9. Each month I usually post my video game challenge progress report, however, I’ll be skipping this month. While I have made great progress with Spirit of Justice, there just isn’t enough time to write up a report ahead of the last week of June.

I’ve been busy packing for my vacation and getting stuff in order before I leave. This will hopefully mean that my next progress report in July will have plenty to discuss and more of the game halfway done. I’ll be taking my 3DS along with my copy of the game for the trip. I thoroughly intend on relaxing and not thinking about anything else during my time away. I mean, how can I not? I’ll be basking in paradise.

Until then, catch you all in July!

4 thoughts on “Land, Air, And Sea: Vacation And Blog Hiatus

    1. Thanks Cary! Ain’t that the truth? I love vacations and I already feel I’m slightly overdue for one. And taking a vacation in Hawaii is not too shabby either! I look forward to picking up my blog again with gusto when I return completely refreshed and rejuvenated. 🙂

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