Video Game Challenge Progress Report 7 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

A little progress is better than no progress. It’ll always be a challenge to divide my time between everything I want to do during my downtime. In the end, you do find a way. It also helps when you have a long weekend to do a little gaming. While all of America is wrapping up their Memorial Day weekends, let’s check in and see where I’m at with my progress for Spirit of Justice.

[Credit: Capcom]
After successfully completing the extra DLC episode last month, I went back to playing the main game cases. The next episode, The Magical Turnabout, is the second case in Spirit of Justice and an Apollo Justice led one. Before even starting this next episode, the title is a dead give away as to who the next defendant would be.

The start of The Magical Turnabout takes us back home to check in with the folks Phoenix Wright left behind when he went to visit Maya Fey in the country of Khura’in. Apollo and fellow attorney Athena Cykes are in the Penrose Theater to watch and support Phoenix’s adopted daughter Trucy Wright, as she goes through rehearsals for her upcoming magic show Trucy In Grandmarye-Land. During a run through of the act, something goes terribly wrong with the trick, which leads to a dead body and a partial stage collapse. Unsurprisingly, Trucy is arrested for the murder of her co-performer Mr. Reus.

I haven’t gotten any further than the intro of Magical Turnabout. My schedule has been a little weird this month and I’ve only managed to fit in anywhere between 10-20 minutes of game time. I find it funny how the Ace Attorney series seem to want to put nearly every single character closest to Phoenix Wright (even Phoenix himself) on the stand to defend themselves against the accusations of murder. For better or for worse, Trucy Wright now joins a grand tradition of having to prove her innocence to a jury. I guess Wright and company couldn’t have more normal traditions, like annual gatherings or passing down a priceless heirloom, huh?

I’m looking forward to seeing how Apollo’s episode plays out, as he does everything he can to defend Trucy in court. I bet Apollo is glad his boss Phoenix Wright is currently out of the country with his own set of problems to deal with at the moment.

Come back next month for another end of the month progress report!

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