Video Game Challenge Progress Report 5 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

Winter’s chill is thawing and the weather is beginning to get warmer and nicer. At least that’s the hope for many parts of the country, even if it may not seem like it. Our days of spending a lot of time indoors may be waning with the spring weather beckoning us to go outside. What does this mean with my video game challenge? Let’s find out how far I got with Spirit of Justice this month.

[Credit: Capcom]
It may be a bit of a stretch to call this latest one a report on my gaming progress. The last few months haven’t been great for video games, which I have mentioned in last month’s report. I have been dealing with some personal family issues that still remains ongoing, while struggling to budget my time wisely, both on the job and during my downtime. I guess you can say I feel overwhelmed. I’m not necessarily stressed, but by the time I come home at the end of the day, I feel drained and ready to flop in bed and go to sleep. Or if I’m not falling asleep immediately, then I’m laying in bed not really wanting to do anything except watch TV. I’m thinking I’ll need to set a day aside to regroup and reorganize. Find the time to reflect and go deep. As someone who is an avid journal keeper, I haven’t done any writing in there either.

Before the date of this post, I did finally squeeze in a little play time with Spirit of Justice. More like the only time I did pick up Spirit of Justice was Friday night and a little bit on Sunday night. I find it very disappointing that out of all the days and weekends in March, I only now found time to play the game as we’re about to finish off the month. I suppose everyone has their off days, those moments where they’re not on top of their game. I certainly haven’t been at times this month.

The parts I did play of Spirit of Justice has me continuing where I left off with Turnabout Time Traveler. I’m not too far off from finishing this case. I have gotten to the second part of the investigation, which is a common aspect of any Ace Attorney series after completing the first half of the trial and then discovering more evidence needs to be found before a conviction can be reached. Ellen Wyatt’s innocence still hangs in the balance and another key witness must be found before she gets pinned with a murder she did not commit. Like most Ace Attorney games, I already have my suspicions on who the real murderer is. The thrill comes from watching the drama unfold in court and waiting for the true culprit to come undone and admit their guilt.

I will be soldiering on with Spirit of Justice in April. I make no promises this time around, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get more done next month. Until the next report!

2 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge Progress Report 5 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

  1. I had a hard time getting through the cases in Sprit of Justice, that weren’t set in Khura’in. But, I did love the game by the end. And I really liked the dlc case. Don’t rush yourself to play the game, you’ll eventually get back into them. I started playing the Last of Us in October of 2016 and I was finally able to finish it in September of 2017. Sometimes we just don’t have time to finish everything within a certain time-frame. You’ll get there eventually.

    1. That’s certainly true! At the end of the day, it’s about taking the time to really enjoy the game rather than rush through it. While it may be a little unrealistic to finish some video games within a month, I do like keeping these challenges because it allows me to aim for a goal I can hopefully accomplish. Sometimes I succeed and other times I don’t. Either way, I make sure I’m having fun with the game I’m playing. That’s what’s really important. But thank you for the kind and encouraging words! I look forward to the day when I can finally finish Spirit of Justice.

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