Video Game Challenge Progress Report 4 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

A challenge isn’t a challenge if there aren’t some bumps along the way. After a delayed start with my video game challenge at the beginning of the new year, I managed to pick things back up with Spirit of Justice as promised this month. We’re in the final week of February and it’s time to report on how far I’ve gotten with the game.

[Credit: Capcom]
When I last discussed my progress on the game, I mentioned I was still working on the bonus DLC episode Turnabout Time Traveler. I didn’t really progress much further than some investigative portions of the case at the time. But February proved to be a different and better month with Spirit of Justice. I diligently continued Turnabout Time Traveler all the way to the courtroom sections of the episode. The case raises a lot of interesting questions, such as did time travel really happen or is it an elaborate coverup to make the suspect Ellen Wyatt think she went back in time just before her wedding reception.

Plenty of revelations have been uncovered so far, and it really is a trip down memory lane to have Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth facing off in the courtroom again. Although both these men are older and have years of experience behind them at this point in the series, neither have really changed all that much. Edgeworth is as cocky and intimidating as ever before and Wright is as determined and unwavering in his faith for the clients he defends. Even good ‘ol Maya is back beside Phoenix Wright, as he proves Ellen’s innocence to the jury. This bonus episode is truly made for the fans who have stuck with the series from the very beginning.

After getting a few more hours in each weekend to finally get to the courtroom parts of the game, upon further reflection, I realized I probably should have saved the bonus episode for after I finished the main game first. You start realizing just when this case would fit in with the timeline of Spirit of Justice the more you keep playing. Not that it really matters when you play bonus DLC content like this one, but it’s nice to try and keep the order of events consistent with the main story as much as possible. I personally like to play things in the right order.

Although I have gotten far with the case this month, I didn’t actually get to finish it before the last week of the month came upon us. I am really close in finishing Turnabout Time Traveler, however, because of some unexpected personal family matter I’m attending to at the moment, it threw off the rest of the weeknights and some weekends I could have spent on the game. It’s unfortunate and I’m hoping the personal matter will resolve itself soon. But while this is occupying one corner of my mind constantly, it’s a bit difficult to care too much about finishing an episode of a game.

I’m hoping March will be better spent on some gaming, but it’s hard to tell right now what will happen. Either way, it may do some good to escape from the troubles of reality from time to time. It’s one of the easiest ways to cope with what you’re dealing with.

Until next time, watch for my next report in March.

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