End Of The Month Review In Geekery

When a month is about to close out, I typically end with a video game progress report ever since I implemented my video game challenges a few years ago. I admittedly didn’t get much game time in as I thought I would. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done some geeky stuff behind the scenes in January!

I initially mentioned I’d jump right back in to Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice after I came back from my vacation in the earlier part of January. Despite my best intentions to take up my 3DS and continue my adventures with Phoenix Wright and company, time simply wasn’t on my side. Between catching up with some friends and personal obligations, gaming had to take a bit of a backseat this month. I’d say January has been a good month for me in other areas.

[Credit: Capcom]
A few weekends ago I attended my first video game concert, which I’ve recapped in a lengthy post. Coming away from that experience, I definitely feel pumped to try and finish the remainder of Final Fantasy games I still have in my backlog to play on the devices I own. But that won’t be the center of my focus for now. I’m committed and determined to play the last game of the Ace Attorney series. It has been a long time coming and I’m getting real close. I can’t stop now once I’ve set my mind on something.

This month has also been a good one for anime watching. Like any good adult, I’ve already made my peace with the idea that my time will never be what it used to be. You just learn to prioritize what you think is the best use of your time and go from there. I don’t get to watch as much anime as I like, mostly because there’s just way too much to watch. The last series I really sat down and watched was Yuri!!! On Ice. These days I have to pick and choose which ones to invest in. Luckily, the one anime that requires no thinking on whether or not I’ll tune in is Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. The sequel to CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura is as wonderful as the original and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops and the characters grow further from where we last left off with them. While Clear Card has become my top priority show to watch over the weekend, I have discovered another gem of an anime that’s becoming a fast favorite as well. I plan on revealing what show that is in an upcoming post for the blog. All I know is it’s a good time to be an anime fan once more.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

February is a few days away and my main agenda is to get back on my video game challenge wagon. I can’t make any lofty promises on finishing Spirit of Justice within a month, but sometimes you never know how far you’ll go until you actually go do it. Here’s to achieving goals and having fun while doing it. Until then, catch my end of the month progress report for Spirit of Justice in February!

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