Video Game Challenge Progress Report 3 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and some of us are now preparing for Christmas. It’s the one time of year where everyone gets hit with one holiday after another. After taking a few days to recover from the food induced coma and the traveling shuffle from one gathering to another, we’re back at it again to start making those lists of holiday gifts to buy for loved ones or get our homes dressed up to the nines with festive decorations. It’s a busy time for us all and it’s any wonder if all collective gamers can find time in their tight schedules to add a few hours of video game time. In a wrap up of November, let’s see how I did with Spirit of Justice.

[Credit: Capcom]
Without any preamble, I’ll give it to you straight—I was again unable to play much of my 3DS this month. I had a good start at the beginning of November. I played more of the DLC episode Turnabout Time Traveler and got to see more familiar faces I welcomed wholeheartedly, like Miles Edgeworth and Maya Fey. The reappearance of the series most recognizable supporting characters from the core Ace Attorney trilogy meant fans were going to see Phoenix Wright tango with Edgeworth in the courtroom once again with Maya at Phoenix’s side to assist in his investigation. Just like old times!

I did manage to get as far as the investigation portion of the game this time, but never went further after that. Social obligations and then Thanksgiving itself eventually took over my time. I never really expected to be as busy as I was. In previous years, the most I had going on was the holiday and not much else. But any chance to have fun with friends and create more memories with them is an opportunity I could never pass up. It was a good month for being social, but not so much staying in and gaming in my case.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to take a break from the video game challenges in December. After not really making much progress in the past two months with Spirit of Justice, it’s time to take a step back for a little while. But don’t worry. I’ll be picking up where I left off after New Year’s. I’ve taken these breathers before in the last few years when it didn’t seem like I was hitting my stride with the gaming goals I’ve set for myself. These breaks in between always seem to work for me because I’m able to return to my challenges with a renewed vigor and I can accomplish more than I ever did before the break.

But just because I’m giving myself a month to not have any set gaming goal in mind doesn’t mean I won’t be gaming during that time. I’ll be playing whatever game tickles my fancy, which could be playing more of Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer Comrades or diving into the latest episode of Telltale’s Batman Season 2. A break will do me good, and hopefully by January 2018 my time and focus will be better for Spirit of Justice.

2 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge Progress Report 3 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

  1. Tis the season, right? This time of year is crazy busy! Hope you have a great month and holiday season, even if games aren’t part of it. A break from gaming can be a good thing…and it’s not like the games are going to mad at you. They are very, very patient. 😉

    1. Haha, thanks Cary! I agree. I was starting to feel a little burned out from the challenges and it doesn’t help that I’ve been pretty busy to really focus much on gaming. I do find a little time to game here and there, but it’s certainly not for the one I set as my monthly challenge. In any case, it’ll feel good to play anything I want without consciously having a focus on one particular game to play and finish. It’s good to have that focus, but sometimes you just want the ability to jump from one fun game to the next even if you don’t finish it. 😀

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