Video Game Challenge Progress Report 2 (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

On the day before Halloween, it’s almost fitting to have Spirit of Justice my current ongoing video game challenge. Halloween is more than just dressing up in costume or eating your way through a bar or two of Snickers. It’s also about ghost stories and spirits that may still haunt the land of the living. Or in the case of this entry of the Ace Attorney series — get the justice the dead deserve. There’s no rest for the wicked and it’s time to see how much further I’ve gotten with the game.

[Credit: Capcom]
I’ll get straight to the point — I didn’t finish a case this month. Frankly, I didn’t play much of Spirit of Justice at all really. Between Comic Con weekend and getting some personal stuff sorted out, there wasn’t a ton of time to fit in gaming during the weekends or weeknights. I was maybe able to get in an hour or less on one or two weekends for the entire month.

The case I’m currently playing is the special DLC episode Turnabout Time Traveler. In this particular extra, Phoenix Wright’s old friend and classmate Larry Butz makes a reappearance with a plea to help a fleeing bride named Ellen Wyatt, who is being accused of murder. I wasn’t able to get to the investigation portion of the chapter yet, but I was excited to see the bumbling and hopelessly girl crazy Larry again.

The last time Larry made an appearance in the Ace Attorney series ended with Trials and Tribulations. Since then, Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies focused on introducing new characters or bringing back other characters from the core trilogy. While Larry may be the least useful recurring character to be brought back for a case, unlike Ema Skye or Miles Edgeworth who have shown up again in Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies respectively, he’s still very much a recognizable part of the franchise. Larry is the comic relief and the source of many facepalm moments for Phoenix Wright. Anyone who has played the Ace Attorney games from the beginning would be delighted with this reunion.

It’s uncertain how far I’ll get with Turnabout Time Traveler or the rest of the game next month. The holidays are coming and we all know how that can be a hectic time of preparation and getting together with family. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to finish one case in between a second serving of turkey and before a plate of pumpkin pie.

Until then, check back with me at the end of November!

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