Wrap Me Up: Perfect Pairs To Turn A Summer Dress Into Wearable Fall Fashion

That fall feeling is in the air. The temperature starts feeling cooler, days grow shorter, and pumpkin spice fever has permeated local coffee shops and bakeries. We store away the flip flops and tank tops for flats and cozy sweaters. We begin ushering in a new season and adapt accordingly to the changes. But for some, it may be hard to let go of those pretty sleeveless or backless summer dresses for something more fall appropriate. The ladies who love their bright and colorful summer dresses want a chance to wear them out a little longer. How do you do that without the cool breeze nipping at your bare shoulders? Pair that summer dress with a stylish sweater or jacket. Here are my personal favorite cover-ups every lady who loves their summer dresses should have in their closet to be fall ready in a snap.

Cardigan and Dress Duo

One of the easiest and non-fussy outfits to put together. [Credit: Photo taken from Pinterest]
What’s great about the fall season is that it isn’t quite cold enough to need a heavier jacket just yet. From noon to mid-afternoon, the temperature can warm up to a comfortable 70 degrees before dropping back down to a chill low-60s to 50 degrees in the evening. A cardigan sweater you can easily button up or leave open is a suitable cover-up pairing to go with your summer dress. It’s simple, cute, feminine, and these sweaters come in a variety of colors. I own a ton of cardigans in my own closet and they never go out of style. Slip one on and you’re instantly prepared for the cool weather.


Blazer and Dress Team Up

For a more professional look in the fall, a versatile blazer that goes with anything is what you want. [Credit: Photo taken from Pinterest]
I work an office job 5 days a week. While it isn’t required for me to dress up, as my work environment is much more casual and laid back, I like being able to dress up when I feel like it. To give myself a more polished and professional appearance, I personally like wearing a blazer with a really nice dress. I prefer to own blazers in neutral colors like black, white, beige, or navy blue and avoid owning too many blazers in crazier colors or patterns. Neutral blazer colors really help a dress look smart and sophisticated. It’ll also help keep you warm both inside and outside of the office in the fall.


Biker Jacket and Dress Combo

An outfit I absolutely love to turn that floral dress from cutesy to rock star chic with a biker/leather jacket. [Credit: Photo taken from Pinterest]
I’ve always been the ultimate girly girl, but the first time I saw a leather/biker jacket paired with a floral dress, I fell instantly in love with this kind of style. I suppose it’s because I’ve always been a play by the rules type of person. So the fact that I can actually be a bit of a rebel with my fashion choices without losing that femininity in my personal style, this is truly the right fit for me. Biker jackets or even classic leather jackets are much heavier cover-ups than the cardigan or blazer. As we get deeper into the fall season, we’ll need a heftier jacket to keep us warm. Add a pair of ankle boots or long boots with this style and you’ll be looking like a rock star coming out of a world music tour.

What are your favorite pairings with a summer dress to make yourself fall ready?

4 thoughts on “Wrap Me Up: Perfect Pairs To Turn A Summer Dress Into Wearable Fall Fashion

  1. I’m with you on the biker jackets: a floral dress and a leather jacket tends to be my go-to outfit! Looking forward to autumn so I can start getting the boots out. 😉

    1. I know! It’s such a great look. One of my top favorites of the three. 😀 And I’ve been waiting for boots weather to come around again too. I prefer wearing all the boots over sandals and flats.

  2. I’m all about my trusty jean jacket when it comes to transitioning to fall. Can’t say it’s super stylish (I’m scared to think of how old it is now, haha), but it keeps the morning chill away well enough, and it’s still light enough to wear even when it heats up a little during the day.

    1. I love denim jackets too! They’re great for throwing over summer dresses too. 😀 Although, I can’t say I’ve had my denim jacket for years. I eventually updated mine. In general, I’ve been big on light jackets and sweaters. I suppose I like covering up more than shedding layers or showing much skin in general. This is why fall is one of my favorite seasons.

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