Change Will Do You Good

Change can often be a scary thing. It’s usually attached to the unknown and unfamiliar. Our natural instinct is to resist what we don’t know or are uncomfortable with. It’s our way of protecting ourselves from what we think is a perceived danger against us. But most of the time it’s really just our fear getting in the way of seeing the opportunity to learn, grow, and further our potential far beyond than what we think we’re capable of doing. When the winds of change begin to blow in your direction, get ready to embrace it.

I typically try to keep somewhat personal, unrelated entertainment posts off my blog. I know the reason a number of you follow me is to read the fun and geeky topics I often talk about. There’s a point to this post. I originally had a post planned for this week I wanted to write about. Unfortunately, I never got around to actually writing it. Instead of not having any kind of update today, I thought it might be a good idea to explain why my usual post didn’t make it this week.

Going back to embracing change, the last two weeks have changed significantly for me. The turn of events came so fast that I didn’t have a chance to really prepare or adjust accordingly. Last week I just started a new job at a company I’m actually excited to work for. In addition to that, I’m balancing my new full-time job with some freelance projects on the side. The last four months have been a little rough for me from a professional standpoint. I was unemployed for a bit and the job market hasn’t been too kind to me during those months. While I had the extra time to catch up on video games, reading, and doing some writing, I felt a little lost and stressed about what direction I should take in my career. The last job I had wasn’t fulfilling and I had to make the difficult decision of leaving that one to pursue something that was. During that time period, I also had to get creative about making money when I wasn’t earning a steady income. I stayed afloat by participating in paid surveys and applying for a few freelance writing gigs. When the full-time position I really wanted finally came knocking, it gave me the stability and decent salary I needed to really enjoy things again.

While things have been personally rocky during those four months, I did learn quite a few things about myself. Extra free time will do that to you. I learned when you reach a certain age, having nothing to do but play video games or watch movies all day may fly when you are in high school or college. Not so much when you’re an adult not earning any kind of income. It doesn’t have the same appeal when you’re no longer in your teens and early twenties. It’s even more difficult when you have friends with paying jobs and careers who want to meet up with you and do stuff together. I’ve always been good at budgeting and saving my money when I need to, but it’s painful to have to decline certain invites because it’s not within your finances to pay for the very things you want to enjoy with them.

You keep moving forward and hope for the best.

Another thing I learned is too much free time can be boring. It’s actually better to spend most of your weeks being productive and being financially independent. Basically, you need a balance of both leisure and work. Too much of anything is never really good for anyone. There were days when I just felt too bored to do anything, but I didn’t have enough money to really go out and do something else either. When I finally landed the job I wanted, it made me grateful for that balance I had. I appreciated being a working employee again and really savored my time off when I had it. I realized I like being a bit busy, not too much of course, and having my weekends carved out to do whatever the hell I wanted. Working full-time again, in addition to keeping my freelance side gigs for the time being, will make it much more difficult again to really spend a lot of time on video games or doing a number of leisure activities I like doing in my spare time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do better when I’m learning something new and continuing to make myself a valuable asset as an employee and professional. How can I do that when I’m spending five hours playing Mass Effect? Besides, money allows you to buy more video games in the future. A win-win situation in my opinion!

I usually have my posts written about a week ahead and proofed by the weekend before scheduling it to go up on Mondays. Because last week was my first week on the job, I’ve been busy learning and being trained in my new role. Toss in some new assignments to complete from your freelance gigs, well, let’s just say your week becomes packed solid with too much to do. This isn’t me saying I won’t have time to update my blog with all the new responsibilities I decided to take on. I’m saying that I’m in an adjustment period in my life right now. I have to figure out how to balance those responsibilities with the things that have always mattered to me. One of those things include my blog.

I always love my tiny spot on the Internet. It’s my space and safe haven. I think I’ve mentioned that on numerous occasions in the past. I can’t let go of simpleek unless certain circumstances arise that would force me to close up shop for good. Will it be difficult? Yes. Will it be a challenge? Of course. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! Right now, I feel a bit awkward and slightly overwhelmed at my new job. That’s normal and all part of the changes going on with me right now. Eventually, I’ll find my rhythm and things will start coming naturally to me. I’m a quick learner and I adapt to new situations for the most part. This awkward and unknown phase will pass, and soon I’ll be gliding effortlessly through this aspect of my life.

I apologize for not having my usual post up, but things should be back to normal in the next update! As always, thank you to my readers who have stuck with me. I’m always motivated by you to keep my corner of the Internet open.

How I feel right now expressed perfectly by Chibi Yuri Katsuki of Yuri!!! On Ice.

9 thoughts on “Change Will Do You Good

  1. Being unemployed is miserating and you’ve captured so many of the reasons why so well. I feel I could write this, being sort of in the same boat (contract not renewed for budget reasons, sitting waiting for the next job, everything being boring because of no structure etc.) That’s great you had freelance projects to help out and even better that you got a full-time job (and have started). Unemployment is great to develop skills, gain focus on your life etc. but after a while, the fact you’re unemployed and unable to do things like travel, go to events with friends and other endeavors really weighs you down. Best wishes on your new employment! Gaming feels so much better when you had to work for it!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I wish you luck on your own job hunt. It’s amazing how much gets put into perspective when you’re unemployed and don’t have any real structure, doesn’t it? At the same time, I also learned what happens when you work at a job for too long and don’t feel fulfilled by it either. In my last job, before I got my current one, I felt miserable and I just wasn’t looking forward to doing any of the tasks I’m required to do. I just felt stuck. It’s certainly important to find a job to pay the bills, but it’s equally important to find a job you actually like getting up for in the morning too. If you don’t have either, it doesn’t leave you with a good feeling. I think once you achieve the right balance in all aspects of your life, everything feels better. That doesn’t mean life is suddenly perfect. It never really is, but it comes close!

      As hard as the job market is out there, I would say just keep applying and utilizing whatever skill set you have. Some of the stuff I thought wasn’t marketable skills turned out to be exactly what my current employers were looking for. Good luck again and I hope you find what you’re looking for careerwise!

      1. I learned that too, from the job I was laid off from. I was super miserable, but pushed through because of the money, benefits and knowledge I’d have two months of paid travel time. Both miserating jobs and unemployment are bad in there own rights, but both have some pros too. Thankfully I have a part-time job that will eventually be full-time, but for now I continue my search. Thanks and best of luck again on your new job!

  2. Congratulations on the new job! That’s awesome that you took a risk like that to find something new. And I totally understand about having to find your footing in a new job, it’s a big adjustment! Good luck, and I’m glad you’re finding your balance of work and play the way you enjoy it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ashley! It was a tough decision to leave my old job and step into the unknown for a little while. Honestly, I had a hard time adjusting to my new unemployed situation at times. But I can look back at it now and realize it was necessary to figure out what I really wanted to be doing in my next job. I’m thankful my hustle to stay afloat while I found steadier work wasn’t too long. Seems like we had a significant year on the job side of things, right? 😀

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