Stripes Forever: A Classic Trend That Never Goes Out Of Style

Fashion goes through cycles. One minute a trend is hot and the next minute it’s not. No style is ever really retired. It just takes a few years before a trend is announced the rage again by trendsetters and fashion editors. Despite what the trend may be for the season, some trends are timeless and can be worn season after season, year after year. Stripes are one of those classic styles that never seems to get stale.

Stripes are a universal style that can be worn by both men and women. The clean, crisp, and simple lines can be paired with anything to give anyone that quick, out the door look in record time. Whether you wear the style with jeans or khaki in loafers or ballet flats, it’s a decidedly low-key style choice. Stripes often stand out as an early summer style because of its nautical associations with being on a boat surrounded by the wide open seas. It’s a relaxed and uncomplicated look that’s easy to put together without really thinking too hard about it.

The most laid back style you can wear. Cotton shirt from H&M.

There has been a long standing rule of how to pick the stripes to add to your wardrobe. Depending on your figure and shape, many fashion experts say to stay away from horizontal stripes to avoid looking fat and opt for vertical stripes, which will almost always make you look slimmer. Why one set of stripes are more flattering than the other will be one of those baffling mysteries that will never be fully understood. Rather than completely take the fashion experts at their word, I always try both type of stripes in the fitting room to see what looks the most flattering on my body. When I think about the stripes I do own in my closet, they’re almost always of the vertical variety.

J. Crew Men’s Striped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt.

What I particularly like about stripes is how they’re kind of the anti-pattern alternative for those who aren’t into floral, polka-dots, or any other kind of patterns that fit that category. As someone who already appreciates simplicity, stripes has it in spades. It also helps to have that one style you can pull out of the closet and wear whenever you feel like it, if you’re not looking to follow the current trends of the season.

Do you enjoy wearing stripes?

12 thoughts on “Stripes Forever: A Classic Trend That Never Goes Out Of Style

  1. I love stripes so much! I’m guilty of always gravitating towards them despite owning so many already, usually the horizontal type. Black-on-white, red-on-white, blue-on-white–they’re all so pretty ^^ I also have an issue with too many polka-dot shirts…

    1. Haha, I think stripes can be really pretty and versatile! It’s no wonder you love the style so much. I’m definitely a fan of the type of stripes you just named. I actually have a striped scarf that’s blue and white. It’s really light and perfect for spring or summer!

  2. Haha I tend to buy horizontal stripes actually! I love wearing stripes as undershirts with something plain above them, just pulls the look together.

  3. I have to agree that stripes are one of the most classic trends. However, they’ve never really been part of my wardrobe, at least not the really bold ones, like black and white, red and white, and such. I like my stripes to be more subtle. I have a number of button-down shirts where striped patterns are just part of the fabric – they alternate between shiny and matte. So the shirts are all one color, but the texture difference between the stripes make them appear a little fancier. And while I personally like my stripes to be vertical, I’ve never really bought into the fact that some people shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes. Striped shirts seem to look good on everyone!

    1. Yeah, I can’t really recall ever seeing anyone looking bad with a striped anything. I personally like horizontal stripes, mostly because of the nautical/sailor feel they have to them. I think it really comes down to finding the right cut or shape for a style. I don’t think it’s impossible for a not skinny person to make a particular trend work for them. You just have to try it on and see for yourself!

  4. Hardly ever, and upon reading your blog I wonder why I don’t buy them more often. I would definitely have to go for the vertical kind though!

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