First Look: CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura Sequel Anime

One of CLAMP’s most beloved series Cardcaptor Sakura finished its manga and anime run in the year 2000. Seventeen years later, the entire gang is back along with a brand new story.

It was announced last year that the Japanese magazine Kodansha was going to begin running CLAMP’s sequel to its original series in June 2016. Late last year, news also broke that CLAMP’s sequel would also be getting an anime adaptation set to release in Japan sometime in January 2018. No word yet on when the manga and anime sequel will get a North American release. According to the articles about the sequel, the manga and anime will pick up right where the original manga ended. Sakura and friends have just graduated Tomoeda Elementary School and are starting their first year of junior high school. At this point in the story, Sakura had captured all the Clow Cards and sealed them in the Clow Book they escaped from. Everything is seemingly peaceful until Sakura begins having mysterious dreams that may call her back into another magical adventure.

Earlier last week, GameSpot posted a trailer on their Facebook page that gives fans a sneak peek inside the newest anime. Anyone who is a fan and grew up on the original Cardcaptor Sakura anime will instantly feel a wave of nostalgia hit them pretty hard. Watching the trailer myself, it’s like nothing ever changed. The anime sequel looks promising, keeping the original animation style from the first anime when it aired back in the mid-90s, and apparently having all the original Japanese voice actors coming back to reprise their roles. This is a big deal for die hard fans and a welcome return to what I would say is one of the earliest introductions to anime/manga in North American culture. It joins other beloved classics of the ’90s like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z.

While we don’t have any news on the manga and anime getting a stateside release in the near future, I actually believe it’s more than likely we’ll be reading and watching this sequel soon. Sailor Moon Crystal, the anime reboot of Sailor Moon, has made it stateside almost immediately after Japan released all their episodes for each season. It’s looking positive that the Cardcaptor Sakura sequel will follow, especially with the instant availability of streaming services and sites. I actually can’t wait to dive back into the world of Cardcaptor Sakura and continue watching Sakura and Syaoran’s super cute romance develop further. My childhood restored!

Are you excited for the Cardcaptor Sakura sequel?

Yes! More of this cuteness in the sequel please!


2 thoughts on “First Look: CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura Sequel Anime

  1. Personally I can not wait. I really enjoyed the original so I am curious how this one will go. I just hope CLAMP doesn’t go nuts on the multiverse stuff they did in xholic and tsubasa.

    1. I know! I haven’t been this excited for an anime since Sailor Moon! From the trailer, it seems like the new show will stick to the basics that made the original so beloved. I doubt it’ll get as complicated as Tsubasa.

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