Musterbrand: The Online Store That Knows How To Make A Geek Chic Fashion Statement

Marrying the two things I enjoy the most, fashion and geek, is always something I’m on the hunt for. I prefer subtle geek homages in the clothes I wear over the more obvious references to them in a graphic T-shirt or bag. Most of these clothes are a little hard to come by, but places like BioWare has started creating their own line of clothes for the geek who want functional styles that can be worn almost any where, instead of outside of work or at conventions. When I stumbled upon the online store Musterbrand, it’s the answer I’ve been looking for to satiate my subtle geek fashion craving.

Musterbrand is a German based online clothing store founded in 2010 by Knut Jochen Bergel. In their About Us page, the brand is committed to creating products “made from only the highest quality fabrics, with sturdy construction and a meticulous attention to detail from custom-molded logo buttons to iconic assassin’s hoods.” When you browse through the products on their pages ranging from Legend of Zelda to Assassin’s Creed, you can immediately tell there is no shabby tailoring here. Everything looks meticulously well-made. For instance, their La Liberte jacket from Assassin’s Creed is made of comfortable and durable moleskin fabric and the product description says it’s the perfect heavy jacket for the fall and winter seasons. Clicking through customer reviews about the jacket or almost any product found on the site shows mostly 5-star ratings and happy customers who can say first-hand that the clothes and quality are as advertised.

Assassin’s Creed La Liberte jacket (Photo Credit: Musterbrand)

The detailing and obvious care Musterbrand has for its products really makes this geek brand store a number one place for people like me who want to show off their fan pride for their favorite video games or franchises without feeling it necessary to broadcast it in conspicuous ways. I like clothes that are not only fashionable, but are also functional. Jackets like the La Liberte aren’t fashionable for fashion’s sake, but it’ll keep you warm while you look good at the same time. Of course, a brand and store like Musterbrand doesn’t come cheap.

Most of the prices on their clothes, like their outerwear and cardigans, can be anywhere between $60-$200. Items like their T-shirts and a few of their scarves are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, about $25-$30, but even then those prices might be considered steep for most people. However, you’ll get what you pay for. When you want the best, you’ll have to pay more for the best.

Dragon Age Seeker jacket (Photo Credit: Musterbrand)

I have yet to purchase anything from Musterbrand, but knowing a company like this exists for fashionable geeks like me, I can only hope one day I can save enough to splurge on one of their cool outerwear lines to wave that geek badge proudly. Subtly, of course.

2 thoughts on “Musterbrand: The Online Store That Knows How To Make A Geek Chic Fashion Statement

  1. Aw, here I was hoping you had been sponsored by them, that they sent you some of their products for review. I hope you are able to try the clothes out some time and provide feedback–I love companies like these and am always willing to shell out for quality clothing.

    1. Haha, I wish I was sponsored by them! Their clothes are really amazing! I even want to buy stuff from other franchises I’m not even a huge fan of because that’s how wonderful each piece is. If I ever finally buy something from their store, I’ll remember to review it for the blog. 🙂

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