Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 4): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

After taking a brief break from my video game challenges to gleefully play Final Fantasy XV a bit longer, February became the month I would dutifully return to my ongoing video game challenge with Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Has Dual Destinies become the comeback kid for video game challenges this month?


Honestly, this will be one of the shortest video game progress reports I’ve ever written. I truly wanted my time with the challenge and Dual Destinies to be a glorious return to form. Instead, it struggled and sputtered until there was no choice but to retreat. I didn’t put in a lot of gaming hours with my 3DS. In fact, I didn’t get much gaming done at all this month. Far too much has been going on that I didn’t really foresee. It has eaten up whatever time I had during the week and weekends to really make time for gaming. There was maybe one free weekend I had to continue the current case I’m still on, Turnabout Academy, but only to really finish the first trial portion of the case. After completing that part of Dual Destinies, I haven’t been able to move much further in the game when I suddenly became extremely busy.

Now that March is approaching, my challenge will undergo another shift. As you may already know, March 21st is the release date for the new Mass Effect: Andromeda. Being a huge fan of the Mass Effect series and a diehard Bioware fan, all other video games will be purposely neglected to play this game. This also means Dual Destinies will have to take another backseat for another game. Only this time I won’t be going back to Dual Destinies until Andromeda is completely finished. My video game challenge will be a very special edition featuring my progress with Andromeda. My schedule is already pretty crazy and a little unpredictable lately, but for Mass Effect, this baby will have a spot on it no matter what.

March will be a strange mix of Dual Destinies with Andromeda closing out the month. Either way, my write up for my month in video gaming should be interesting. Check in with me again to see how that shapes up.

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