Take A Shot From Here: My Personal Favorites Of Prompto’s Road Trip Photos From Final Fantasy XV

Life is one collection of moments. The best way to capture a moment is by taking a picture. Among the features of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV are the photographs Prompto snaps while the guys are on the road.

Every time you let your favorite bros rest at a campsite or hotel, players have a chance to see a collection of photos taken by our upbeat budding photographer. The more photos Prompto takes, the better his photography skill gets. Players gradually unlock filters Prompto can use with each shot, which can be customized in the game’s menu to be selected at random or set to shoot photos using just the filter of your choice.

Before Final Fantasy XV, I never found any real reason to use the screenshot function on my Xbox One. When I started playing the game, and enjoying how visually and graphically beautiful it is, I found myself screencapping the hell out of it. When you view Prompto’s photos, you are given a choice of saving the ones you like from the bunch. However, there is a 150 save capacity in-game. It gets difficult to have to pick and choose which photos to keep or discard when you reach the 150 save limit, especially when there’s still so much left of the game to play and plenty more opportunities for Prompto to take more amazing shots of either his friends or the landscapes they visit during their journey. Screencaps became the best alternative to saving the photos I like to the Xbox One’s Upload Studio app. I’ve even occasionally shared the photos on my Twitter account when I particularly loved a photo Prompto took.

In honor of Final Fantasy XV’s resident photographer, I decided to gather together a collection of my favorite photos I screencapped on my console. I divided the photos into sections to highlight the variety of shots Prompto seems to have a knack at capturing.

Battle Shots

Players can’t really control how or what Prompto takes a picture of, as his photography skill is a passive ability, but I’m always surprised by the results of what I call his battle shots. Prompto never leaves the car without his camera, even in a fight. Logistically speaking, I can’t really see how Prompto is able to fight and take photos at the same time. The fights in this game can get intense and tricky sometimes. The last thing on my mind would be to take a photo of the beasts or monsters I’m currently locked in combat with, but I suppose Prompto is a master at these sort of things. From Gladiolus raising his sword mid-jump to the towering and intimidating presence of a Titan, Prompto knows a photo-op when he sees it. The mark of a true artist.


What form. Prompto captures Gladiolus ready to strike down his enemies with a huge sword.


You looking at me?


A titan among men. Prompto doesn’t let his fear of hulking giants keep him from taking once in a lifetime type of shots for his album.


Intimate Shots

One thing many creative types have in common is their desire to experiment. As an aspiring photographer, Prompto is always playing around with the kind of photos he takes and doesn’t really limit himself to one type of photographic style. In these next batch of photos, Prompto captures his friends in more quieter and intimate settings to portray facets of Gladio, Ignis, or Noctis we may not always get to see.


Contemplating the meaning of life. This black and white shot of Gladiolus actually elevates Prompto’s photos to a more arty and serious style. It also makes good ‘ol Gladio look like a model for a Calvin Klein fragrance ad.


Sophistication and elegance. The driver of the Regalia and the guys’ go-to culinary chef, the essence of Ignis is embodied in this one shot. The warm golden tones of the room and the simple sitting pose makes this the perfect portrait photo to convey a lot without saying anything at all.


A day in the life. Some profile photos don’t always need to be beautifully framed. Sometimes, it just needs to capture every day life. Prompto shoots Noctis in a way many every day people will be shocked to see, a royal who isn’t above sitting and eating in the same places his non-privileged public frequent in.


Selfies And Group Shots

A road trip with a group of your best buddies is never complete without selfies or camera timer group shots. These are the most fun and relaxed set of Prompto’s photos. There isn’t any strategic thinking behind getting the perfect lighting or making sure the angle of the photo is just right. These photos are quick snaps to capture the playfulness and joy everyone is having in the moment. These photos will most likely be the ones Prompto will cherish out of all the other ones he takes during their trip.


Say Chocobo! Prompto takes a selfie with his best bud Noctis.


Vogue. The different ways Prompto, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Noctis decide to pose for this group photo seems to already say a lot about their personalities as individuals.


Ready for my closeup. This group selfie shows that no photo has to be 100% perfect. Just look at how Prompto is nearly cut out of his own selfie to make sure everyone is in the frame.


Where’s Gladio? Joke photos are part of the fun of taking pictures with your friends, especially when your little sister may purposely block you from having your face make it into the shot. Or it’s accidental. Who knows? There’s a story behind every photo.

What are some of your favorite photos from Prompto’s road trip album?

4 thoughts on “Take A Shot From Here: My Personal Favorites Of Prompto’s Road Trip Photos From Final Fantasy XV

  1. Haha it sounds like he should teach a class in combat photography or something! These photos are awesome. I love that this is a feature in the game, and you’re right that you can totally get a sense of their personalities from the photos and the way they pose in that one shot in particular.

    1. I agree! I would totally take a photography class like that. 😛 I think if you started playing the game too, you’d really enjoy all the photos you get after each level up. I also know you like taking screenshots of your games too and you’ll practically want to screencap every moment in FF15. 😀

  2. Really fun post! These captions are gold. I haven’t played the game, but this feature seems cool. My favorite one is the shot of the guy cross-legged in the leather chair. Sophisticated is right!

    1. I did read recently that in an upcoming update the player will be able to take photos without waiting on Prompto to do all the photograph taking. I still kinda like the randomness of the photos because it’s always a surprise what will show up. I do agree that this is a fun feature of the game! The photo you like is of Ignis. That character is the definition of sophistication and cool! Really love him. 🙂

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