Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 3): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

It’s the day after Christmas and New Year’s is poised to have its turn in the holiday spotlight. As some of us are recovering from another holiday of eating, drinking, and successfully navigating a boisterous get together with loved ones, I’m taking some time to dutifully give you my end of the month progress report with my ongoing video game challenge.


I’m going to come right out with it––I didn’t play any of Dual Destinies. Not even a tiny piece of the case I’m currently playing. I suspected December would be an iffy month for gaming because there’s a lot to do leading up to Christmas Day. Since coming back from my vacation last month, it has been a busy time of catching up with friends and doing holiday themed hangouts or parties before we all went our separate ways to spend time with our families on Christmas. I wish I can say that’s the only reason why I never picked up my 3DS much this month, but it isn’t. A temptress came out from the shadows and successfully lured me away from my goal. That temptress is none other than Final Fantasy XV.

I talked about playing some of Final Fantasy XV in another post and I haven’t been able to stop myself from playing more of the game each night of most weeks. It’s fun, addictive, and the game is just too pretty not to want to spend more time in it. It’s also the first time I’m actually playing a game most others are also in the middle of playing since it released last month. Trading stories and tips on how to level up characters in the game makes me feel current and part of the community of fans who are also experiencing the same gaming moments as I am. It just isn’t the same when you’re playing the game six months or a year after everyone else has beaten it and moved onto the next big game release. Most of the time it may not even be a game I’m interested in playing. Final Fantasy XV is the game almost everyone is playing, whether it’s for the Xbox One or Playstation 4, and I simply can’t put it down when I can eagerly chime into the discussion when my other friends begin talking about it.

I haven’t abandoned Dual Destinies and I intend to push forward with my goal of completing it, but I will take a tiny break from it. About a month. January won’t have any kind of progress report for Dual Destinies. I think while I’m wildly in love with Final Fantasy XV, I should allow myself to indulge that love at the start of the new year. I’ll be coming back in February to restart my ongoing video game challenge with Dual Destinies and work extremely hard focusing on it better. As always, you will see more video game related posts in 2017.

Until then, Dual Destinies is to be continued in February 2017!

2 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 3): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

  1. Haha I can totally understand being lured away from games by… other games. I’ve been playing a ton of Skyrim lately, instead of Watch Dogs 2 which was supposed to be my big game of the month. I’m just going with it, though. Like you said, we should enjoy the games we feel “wildly in love with” while it lasts! That’s what gaming is all about!

    It’s cool you’re so into Final Fantasy. I might still pick it up, especially since it’s on Xbox One, but I’m just going to add it to my list for next year hehe. Reading your post about it recently made me want to play it even more! I also haven’t started an Ace Attorney game yet but plan to soon. 🙂

    1. Haha, you go where your heart takes you. That includes video games! 😀 Yeah, it’s really hard to put down Final Fantasy XV. It’s just a lot of fun and the world itself is so amazing to run around in and explore. I did hear the second half of the game becomes more linear and less open world, I think? Either way, I haven’t progressed the story much because I spend more time doing side quests or finding treasure scattered throughout town. I also want to level my guys up in the same way other people have been doing in their games. I’ve never heard of a game where you can be at level 50 by the time you get to Chapters 4 or 5. That’s so early in the game, but it’s also good because fights won’t be so hard and frustrating!

      If you finally pick up Final Fantasy XV, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in your own blog when you play! I still love Ace Attorney and do think those games are worth playing, but for now it’s all about 15 next month. 😛

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