#Listmas2016: Fictional Worlds I’d Want To Spend Christmas In

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The smell of pine in the air as trees are being sold on the sidewalks. The lights and decorations brightening up a window display or cozy home. The presence of family and friends as you eat and exchange presents by the Christmas tree. It’s a magical time, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it might be like to experience Christmas in my favorite video game or book. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve listed a few fictional worlds I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas at.


1. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Skyhold. When the Inquisition first enters Skyhold as their new base of operations after Haven falls, this old fortress is in terrible shape. As you play the game, it’s up to you as the Inquisitor to help rebuild it into something that will live up to the Inquisition’s name and reputation. Once Skyhold’s true beauty starts emerging from its decrepit state, it’s easy to see why this place would be my pick as a Christmas Day destination. The grand hallway, the tranquil gardens out back, and views of the Frostback Mountains in the distance makes Skyhold the place to throw a lively and elaborate Christmas party. If Josephine is in charge of making all the necessary preparations to get Skyhold festive for the holidays and thinking up an impressive dinner menu of meats, pies, and flowing streams of wine to keep Varric and Iron Bull happy, then I’d say Christmastime at Skyhold would be a day and night to remember.



2. Harry Potter – The Great Hall at Hogwarts. Anyone who has seen the films or read the books know Christmastime is literally magical at Hogwarts. A warm fireplace. Christmas trees and wreaths occupying every space. A grand feast fit for kings covering every inch of the long tables the students have their meals. It’d be a dream come true for every Potter fan to have an opportunity to attend such a fun and exciting Christmas party at the wizarding school. No wonder we all longingly stare at our mailboxes in the hopes we’d get that coveted acceptance letter from Hogwarts.



3. Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Snow Land. This adorably cute Wii game has fun and different worlds to explore with Kirby. But there is no world that screams Christmas quite like Snow Land. Snow? Check. Snowmen? Check. Christmas trees? Check. Kirby’s Epic Yarn covers all its Christmas staples in this one world alone. With something as cute and squishable like Kirby, you’ll be warmed up and drinking that cup of cheer in no time. Just be careful when it comes to food around Kirby. You may be in competition over that last piece of fruit cake.

Which fictional worlds would you love to spend Christmas Day or any holiday in?

4 thoughts on “#Listmas2016: Fictional Worlds I’d Want To Spend Christmas In

    1. I forgot about Animal Crossing! I’m sure walking around town during Christmastime would be just as fun and festive. 🙂 The townsfolk really know how to throw an event.

  1. I love the Snow World in Kirby’s Epic Yarn! When I go back and play that game for fun, that’s the main world that I revisit and play through the levels again! The music and level design is just so great and fun! 😀

    1. When you mentioned the music, I went back and listened to a clip of it on YouTube. You’re so right! 😀 The music is really perfect and I can’t believe I forgot about it! The jingle bells throughout much of the theme for the world also reminds me of Christmas or Christmas songs in general. It makes me want to go back and play through the level again for fun like you, haha!

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