simpleek Hits The Five Year Mark: Blogging And Other Reflections

November is a special month and it isn’t because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in America. It’s the month simpleek was born and my blogging journey began.

Five years of blogging may seem like an impossible feat for some people, especially when life is constantly moving and changes at a drop of a hat. As I write this now, I admittedly almost forgot about my blog’s birthday. The reason mostly has to do with feeling jetlag after coming back from a three week vacation. This year has been particularly busy for me personally and I’m in the process of changing a number of things in my life at the moment. Despite what’s going on outside of my blogging life, my blog has always been very important to me.

The blog hasn’t turned into the cash cow I wish it would be, but I believe I’m already profiting from my blog in other ways. My blog has given me a space to express myself in my own voice that is uniquely mine and not anyone else. My thoughts and opinions are shared with an entire world willing to take the time to read what I have to say. The best part about blogging, and it remains the same after consistently doing this for five years, is the reader interaction. The exchange of words and reading an opinion that may be different from your own with an open mind allows me to either enhance or challenge my own views.

I don’t necessarily have to remain loyal to my blog. I could have quit after two or three years and think nothing of it. In some ways, it might take some of the pressure off of juggling more than one personal obligation I’ve got going on at a time. But when I think about shutting down my blog and walking away from it for good, it never feels right. It’s as if I’m ripping out or denying a part of myself. My identity. Writing and self-expression has always been a significant part of my life and it isn’t something I can walk away from so easily without feeling as if I’m missing something.

Like any craft, writing requires time, patience, dedication, passion, and the act of doing. Does someone get good at something by suddenly stopping what they’re doing? No, it doesn’t work like that. By continuing with what you love to do, whether or not it brings you fame or fortune, you’re continuing to hone your skills. My blog has also served as a space to practice the art of writing and coming up with new ideas to entertain or interest my readers every week. Does keeping a blog for five years make me an expert? Yes and no. I certainly learned what topics readers might respond to or how to write my thoughts in a way that gets my point across clearly and with relevant facts or details to back those opinions up. But I don’t think I’m much of an expert in a sense that what I’ve written will impact readers in the same way a trusted and well regarded source of information might command. I’m one of millions in a faceless crowd behind a computer screen hoping my words get read in the world like anybody else who has got something to say.

Maybe someday my blog will lead me to fame or fortune. Maybe it won’t. Regardless of what my path in life will end up being for me, I keep my blog because I still love it after five years. I’ve made friends along the way through this medium and it remains my sole avenue to connecting to as many people I can reach. simpleek is here to stay and I have my eye on making it to six years. Thank you to my readers and visitors who help make simpleek a flourishing and fun place to maintain year after year.

Because a blog birthday wouldn't be the same without a round of drinks. Cheers!
Because a blog birthday wouldn’t be the same without a round of drinks. Cheers!

12 thoughts on “simpleek Hits The Five Year Mark: Blogging And Other Reflections

  1. Congrats on completing 5 yrs and hope you continue ahead in your journey.
    This world of our is so beautiful and worth to spend most of our life in doing what we love the most, that is to write.

  2. “Regardless of what my path in life will end up being for me, I keep my blog because I still love it after five years.”

    This statement is great, because sums up well the real reason why we’re here: we love blogging! Life is going to do its thing no matter what, and we can either go with the flow or get run over. And blogging is just a part of that movement. It’s there when we need it, and it can easily take a backseat when we don’t. So here’s to your five years of wonderful writing, and to many more years yet to come! Nothing but love and virtual hugs all around! 😀

    1. D’aww! 🙂 Thanks Cary! I really believe it’s hard to abandon something if you love it so much and it still brings you joy, even if it’s not always easy to fit in time for it sometimes. Or it seems that way when you have everything else you need to do. My blog has and always will be my baby. I boldly continue on this venture for as long as time and breath allows me to!

  3. Happy blogging birthday! I totally agree that quitting blogging would feel weird or wrong to me too. It’s cool you’re keeping up with it and I always admire your commitment to your schedule! Also, I know I said this on Twitter already, but welcome back from your travels. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ashley for the warm wishes and the welcome back (again)! 😀 I know for a lot of us our schedules have changed, making it a bit difficult to fit in blogging or needing to be more creative with how we make time for it. I think as long as the desire and effort is there, we always find a way to make something work out in the end.

  4. Congratulations on your blogs five year birthday! Your thoughts certainly struck a cord with me. I guess most of us hope our writings will be read by many people, and at times I too stare at the statistics of my visitors and wonder why I’m writing. But you are so right when you say it never feels right to stop writing, so I guess the positive energy we get from this is first and foremost!

    1. Thank you! I think that’s what draws people initially to blogging––the desire to have their voices heard by other people. Sharing ideas in an open and respectful environment is what makes writing really attractive. If we really wanted to keep our thoughts to ourselves, you’d keep a personal journal. Instead, we crave that interaction and exchange of ideas. It’s why I can’t imagine my life without my blog now.

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