Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

October has been barreling towards a speedy end, at least for me personally, and it feels a bit crazy that time went by as quickly as it did. Technically, my video game challenge progress report should really be going up October 31st. But if you’ve read my special overview of what was going on with my blog during this whole month, you’d know I’ll be going away for a bit. In the interest of not wasting any more time, let’s see how I did with my ongoing game challenge.


As I mentioned in my last video game challenge report, Dual Destinies will be an ongoing challenge until I complete the game in its entirety. With Spirit of Justice already out and the need to just be caught up with all Phoenix Wright games currently released in North America, it makes more sense to stick this one out a little longer. It’s also a great game to continue playing while I’m on vacation, and for those days where I’ll be stuck at sea traveling to my next destination on a cruise ship.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report about this game other than to obviously admit I’m not done with it. In fact, I never completed the second case of Dual Destinies. I’m still playing through it, which is exactly how you left me in my first report last month. I’ve only gotten as far as the second half of the investigation portion for The Monstrous Turnabout. The end of this particular case is close at hand, but not as soon as the end of October like I originally hoped.

Typically, I can finish one full case in a month when time on my end is really limited. This month turned out to be busier and tighter dealing with a lot on a personal, social, and professional level. Much of my time has really been eaten away with vacation preparation and trying to tie up anything important I must get done before I’m out of the country for a solid three weeks. The last thing on my mind is playing video games in between my hectic schedule and to-do list. The time I did have to play Dual Destinies came in small bursts, ranging between 15 minutes or an hour on a weekend or weeknight.

I’m very committed to finishing Dual Destinies. I hope the time away and then the Thanksgiving break coming up after I return from my trip will give me plenty of time to really focus on the game better and maybe finish it. Ambitious, I know, but I like to aim high. Check in with me next month to see how well or not well I progress with my challenge!

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