An October & Beyond Overview For The Blog

Entering the month of October for most people means there’s a lot going on from anticipated video game releases to more fall shows returning or debuting for the first time on television. October for me and the blog will be an especially busy time and I want to outline what you can expect from me this month.

Before I begin with what I have coming up as far as writing goes on simpleek, I want to address a blog award nomination I recently received. The always charming Cary of Recollections of Play nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I’ve actually gotten this award in the past, but I didn’t want to let it go unaddressed. Being recognized by your peers is always an awesome thing to receive and I’m ever so grateful for these small gestures. Thank you very much, Cary, for nominating me. Your long time support for me and this blog is one of the things I cherish greatly from you! Be sure to check out and follow Cary’s blog if you haven’t already. She’s just amazing and one of the loveliest people you’d ever hope to meet in the blogging community. Now onward with the bullet points!

  • New York Comic Con. I’m a New Yorker and anyone who has followed my blog for an extended amount of time will know I pretty much go to this event at the Jacob Javits Center every year in October. Comic Con will be happening later this week from October 6-9 and because of another terrible year at securing tickets, I’ll be attending for just one day this year on a Saturday. Expect the usual convention highlights with photos.
  • Video Game Challenge. October continues my extended game challenge run with Dual Destinies from last month. I’ve been steadily plugging away at the game, but not rushing my experience with what I consider to be an extremely fun time with Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and newcomer Athena Cykes. An end of the month report will track how many more cases I manage to complete in a month or if I finish the game completely. I have a feeling I’ll need another month to be fully done with the game.
  • TV Show Watch. Somewhere between my New York Comic Con and video game challenge report, I hope to do a general impressions post on the new TV shows I’ve been tuning into this season. Among the shows currently on my radar are The Good Place, This Is Us, and Luke Cage. I realize I don’t do enough posts on TV in general for this blog and I’d like to change that.
  • Blog Hiatus Starting October 31st Through November 21st. I think this post is a good place to say I’ll be taking an extended break from simpleek due to a three week vacation I’ll be on. I’ll be out of the country and on a cruise ship during this time and won’t have much access to the Internet or computer. Besides, it’s a long overdue vacation I’ve been needing personally for a while to recharge and place myself in new places with equally new experiences to uncover. By the time I come back, it’ll be Thanksgiving week and it should give me plenty of time to readjust to my regular life and resume blogging.

This should cover everything that will be happening this month and next. It’ll be a relatively busy time for me, but I hope this update will give readers something to look forward to before my end of the month break.

October is also Halloween, so Happy Halloween from the Fullmetal Alchemist gang!
October is also Halloween, so Happy Halloween from the Fullmetal Alchemist gang!

10 thoughts on “An October & Beyond Overview For The Blog

  1. A very busy month ahead of you! I’m frankly amazed at how many good handheld games are being released over the next week!
    I bet you’ll need your holiday by the time you’re cruising away, lol

    1. It is, but it’ll mostly be a fun month of busy. 🙂 I’ll also make sure to have a few games on hand to play for those days I’m stuck on a boat and can’t go anywhere, haha!

  2. Thanks for the mention here! Can’t help but pass along those blog awards occasionally. 🙂 But it sounds like you’re in for a busy month. Have fun, and hope you have an awesome time on that cruise. There really is nothing like seeing new places to get your batteries going again and find new inspirations.

    1. Thanks Cary! 🙂 My summer had me mostly remaining local, so being able to go away in the fall and being back right before Thanksgiving should be a nice time to switch things up a bit. Usually if I don’t go away after a certain amount of time, I do get stir crazy and just want to be someplace else. The time away will definitely help me miss my blog and maybe bring back some new ideas!

  3. Oooh have fun at Comic-Con and on your trip! I’ve always wanted to do both of those things — attend NYCC and take a cruise haha. That sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see your highlights Comic-Con. 🙂

    It would also be cool to see TV posts from you, that’s a great idea! I need to do more of those too. I’m just never sure whether to wait til the end and wrap everything up in one post, or do like a weekly review… But then I forget things at the end of the whole season haha. It’s like a skill I need to master.

    Also congrats on the blogger award! 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks! 😀 At least it’s the kind of busy that’s filled with mostly fun and not a ton of obligations. Since the trip is much longer too, it might be the last one I’ll get to do for a while. I might as well enjoy that, right?

      I wrote a few TV posts before, but I don’t know why I don’t do it often. I actually don’t overthink those posts when I decide to write a TV one. I tend to keep it simple either by discussing character or doing general impressions posts. I think trying to recap a whole season once it’s done can be overwhelming because there’s so much to talk about or, like you said, you might forget a lot of what happened during a season. I think my best advice for TV posts, if you decide to write one for your blog, is keep it simple and focus on what you most want to talk about for that particular show and go from there. 🙂

      1. Yeah that’s good advice! Doing full reviews of series seems overwhelming, I like the idea of picking the focus and just talking about my impressions. Thanks!

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