Falling For You: My Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials

The official start of the fall season is a few days away, September 22nd to be exact, but the big city I live in has already been getting a sneak preview of that autumn chill. Fall is one of my favorite seasons next to spring and I’m only too happy to stash away the summer clothes in favor of more season appropriate outfits. In preparation for the official arrival of the fall season, I’m going to list my go-to fall essentials I can never do without.

1. Cardigan sweaters. What I particularly like about fall is it’s not too cold to have to wear a heavier jacket just yet. The cardigan sweater is my answer to skipping out on wearing a jacket for a little bit longer when you don’t feel like carrying around something extra. Cardigans are extremely versatile whether your outfit is casual or dressy. It keeps you warm in the early morning hours and it’s easy to peel off when it gets warm in the afternoon, if you’re wearing a tank top underneath or have a sleeveless dress on. It’s a simple and no fuss way of layering your outfit during a season of transitions.


2. Boots. This is by far my favorite type of shoes to wear during the fall. While flats are another popular fall shoe style to wear, I often find flats to be a hit or miss for me, mostly because those shoes can be painfully uncomfortable for a lot of strange reasons. Most of the boots I purchase and wear immediately almost always tend to be really comfortable to wear for walking in the city, while being really cute and stylish at the same time. Long boots, short boots, mid-calf boots, casual boots or dressy boots––whatever I may be wearing, it’ll always go great with a skirt or jeans and keep my feet warm and cozy.


3. Skinny Jeans. When skinny jeans became a popular fashion must have, I immediately found myself preferring these type of jeans over the bell/flare jeans for the reason I listed above––to wear with my boots. It’s easy to tuck the cuff of skinny jeans into short or long boots for a seamless fit. I also like how my legs look in skinny jeans as it often highlights what I consider to be one of my best physical assets. It’s easy to dress these jeans up or down with the right top and boots. The darker the jeans, the dressier I feel it can be for a casual office environment or dancing after work.


4. Light Scarves. Just as much as I love boots during the fall season, my next favorite fashion item are light scarves. Once those cool autumn breezes start setting in, I can never leave the apartment without wearing one scarf out of the large collection I currently own. Plain or patterned, I have a scarf to mix and match with just about anything I decide to wear for the day. A scarf I really enjoy wearing are the linen kind, which are still light enough to keep wrapped around your neck if the temperatures should hit 70 degrees but will still keep you warm when nights drop into the 50 degrees mark. I can probably dedicate a whole drawer to just scarves because I own so many to cater to my fashion needs.


5. Tank Tops/Camisoles. Largely for layering purposes, I find tank tops or camisoles not strictly a summer staple to wear. These particular tops can carry over to the autumn season. The key to wearing these tops is putting a sweater or jacket over it. You instantly transform a summer top into a fall ready one. I wear a lot of plain tank tops with my cardigans or underneath regular sweaters to keep myself warm. It’s a fast get up in the morning style to wear or what I like to call the lazy girl’s last minute fix for those days when you don’t feel like digging into your closet to put together an elaborate outfit. Just throw on a tank top, put on a pair of jeans, grab a jacket, and you’re out the door in no time. Who doesn’t love quick changes?


These may be my fall fashion favorites, but what are yours? What are your own tried and true essentials that help you get ready for the fall temperatures?

7 thoughts on “Falling For You: My Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials

  1. I love these too! I used to wear light scarves all the time, though I haven’t bought any in a year or so. I need to update my collection!

    I also love boots. Those are my favorite things for this time of year, though I actually wear them all year haha.

    1. Haha, I always prefer wearing boots over sandals, flats, and sneakers any day! 🙂 But with our summer heat being as disgusting as it can be sometimes, I can’t exactly get away with wearing boots all the time. From fall to winter and maybe spring, I’m wearing boots with almost every outfit I have on.

  2. Yes, yes, and YES all around! As a fellow Easter Coaster, the importance of layering cannot be overstated. During fall, days can start cold, get warm, and then become cold again, so you gotta be prepared! 😀 I have a whole collection of tank tops that I specifically use for layering during this time of year. They’re really versatile, and like you said, easy to manage when you don’t have a ton of time to get ready in the morning.

    I’d add tights to the list — they’ve been a fall “must have” for me for a long time. Every year, I’m always a little reluctant to put away my summer skirts. But with the addition of tights, I can get a few more months worth of fashion mileage out of them.

    1. I agree about the tights! 😀 I love wearing dresses and skirts in the fall as well. When bare legs don’t seem practical anymore, as the temperature goes down, tights are definitely the answer to being able to wear all the pretty things while keeping your legs warm and toasty! I’ll admit I don’t wear enough skirts or dresses, mostly because I get so lazy in the morning to put something together and opt for jeans and a shirt instead. I definitely should take advantage of wearing dresses or skirts before winter comes and it’s a flat out no to wearing them because of the freezing temps!

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