Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

We all put in time when we can to do what we love most. Deciding what fun, leisure hobby I want to spend a free weekend on is a constant struggle that hasn’t changed with the passage of time. I always think it’s a personal victory when I manage to do a little of everything in one weekend: read a book for an hour, play a video game for two hours, or write my novel for three hours. It’s a balancing act I continue to learn and work with every day. Despite finding a decent amount of time to play the game I choose for my monthly challenges lately, you still want to be able to savor your time with it.

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Falling For You: My Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials

The official start of the fall season is a few days away, September 22nd to be exact, but the big city I live in has already been getting a sneak preview of that autumn chill. Fall is one of my favorite seasons next to spring and I’m only too happy to stash away the summer clothes in favor of more season appropriate outfits. In preparation for the official arrival of the fall season, I’m going to list my go-to fall essentials I can never do without.

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Stranger Things: An Overview Of Netflix’s Surprise Hit Of The Summer

You would have to be living in a bubble for much of the summer if you haven’t seen or at least heard of Stranger Things, Netflix’s creepy sci-fi show about a small town in Hawkins, Indiana that find themselves in the middle of weird and unexplained activity after local boy Will Byers mysteriously disappears. The show is Netflix’s explosive hit for the streaming service and one that has been widely talked about for months by critics and fans alike. The show is set in the 1980s and has been largely compared to works by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King who dominated that decade in entertainment. The show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, aren’t shy about taking what they loved about the ’80s, blending them all together, and creating something that feels like we’ve seen it before but still feels different. What makes this show highly successful is appealing to people’s sense of nostalgia, while also telling a strong and tight story that will captivate audiences and keep them talking about it until Season 2’s release next year.

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Video Game Challenge For September: Game Number Eighteen Revealed

I always find transitioning from one season to the next really exciting. When we shift from the heat of summer days to the cool nights of crisp autumn, I see it as an opportunity to get cozy and stay in more. Things start to wind down and there’s less of a need to be out to take advantage of the sunnier days. Finishing the entire catalog of Ace Attorney games to have been released in North America from 2005-2008 with Apollo Justice last month, it was time to make a shift from the old to the relatively new. As September is the month for transitions, the next video game for my challenge is a perfect fit.

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