Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 3): Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

A little dogged determination and persistence can go a long way in being creative about how you make time for the hobbies and passions you love. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has been a challenge I set out to complete since picking this game back in May. Now that it’s nearly the end of August and it took me longer than I expected to finish this game, let’s find out if I finally conquered this game once and for all.

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Movie Review: Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV

When it comes to Final Fantasy games, most gamers will almost always tell you their favorite installment in the series, either debating or exchanging stories about why they feel Final Fantasy VII is the crowning jewel of the series or dismissing it as highly overrated in favor of Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy is no stranger at trying to extend their property to film by creating an original story with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within or extending an already established video game universe with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The latest entry into the Final Fantasy movies venture is Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

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Neko Atsume: The Strange Allure Of Collecting Cats Without Doing Much Of Anything

Last week I wrote about my own personal disinterest and investment in most app games you download to your smart phone. I rarely use my phone to play games on it and the few I have decided to keep are most likely wasting space on the low chance I may actually feel like playing some of these again. I pretty much swore to myself I wouldn’t download another app game again until a very close friend of mine convinced me to give Neko Atsume a shot.

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The Thrill Is Gone: Why App Games Have Become Unappealing For Me

The first time I ever got a smart phone, and I’m sure the experience must be the same for everyone to a certain extent, it was a shiny new toy capable of doing so much more than sending out text messages or making phone calls. You can surf the Internet with it. You can carry it around as your own personal MP3 player without needing an iPod anymore. You can take photos instantly and share them on your social media accounts in seconds. Or you can download and play games on your phone for free. Owning a smart phone has become a device with the convenience and functionality to carry your entire life around in your pocket. As someone who has owned and gone through different smart phones in the last few years, the one thing I’m wanting less on my phone are the mobile app games.

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The Path Of A Writer: The Process And The Frustration

I haven’t really discussed it much on the blog, other than as a passing reference here and there when I’m writing about something else, but I’ve been pouring all my attention and energy into writing the novel I want to finish. Writing a book isn’t exactly a small feat and to avoid making the whole process completely overwhelming, you set up tiny goals you feel you can meet. The bigger goal is to finish the first draft. The smaller goal is to set up a consistent schedule to keep writing, even on those days when you don’t feel like it.

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