Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 2): Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

There are times when I set up these challenges for myself and I wonder if I’m either taking on too much or expecting too much from myself. Despite doing what you can to meet the goals you set out for yourself, sometimes you’re going to encounter a few setbacks. It’s in these instances where you go easy on yourself and readjust where you can. The bottom line is you don’t quit when you still want to achieve something. It’s time to report on how I did with the redux edition of my Apollo Justice video game challenge.


Progress with Apollo Justice has been good, but really slow. The last time I wrote about the game, I mentioned how I was currently going through the case Turnabout Serenade. I managed to finish that case easily and moved onto the final case of the game, Turnabout Succession. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it in time to really finish this particular one.

Each case is broken up into parts where you have the investigation portion, the trial, another investigation to find any more additional leads and clues, and then the final trial to wrap up the case. I looked up how many parts Turnabout Succession has to properly map out what I might be able to accomplish in pieces each weekend, except the final case has slightly more parts than the previous case. It’s understandable since this is the last case/chapter of Apollo Justice and a lot of story threads and character development must be wrapped up, but this hasn’t been so good with me time wise.

I finished Turnabout Serenade a little late in the month, which hasn’t left me with a ton of room to spread out my playthrough with Turnabout Succession. Aside from doing my video game challenges, I have been trying to fit in time to seriously write the first draft of a book I’m working on. Admittedly, the writing has become a major focus in my life right now which makes dedicating all my time to video games a bit difficult. But as one of my best friends likes to remind me when I’m going through certain struggles in my life is this, “It’s difficult, but not impossible.”

As much as I really wanted to complete this challenge, and I was so sure of meeting this goal this month, it’s going to require a little extra time to finally be finished with Apollo Justice. The redux edition of my video game challenge continues into August, except instead of making bold and sweeping claims of being done with this game, I’m going to say it’s my biggest desire to get it right this time next month. Come back at the end of August to see what becomes of this game!

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