Modest And Sexy: Off The Shoulder Tops And Dresses

The older you get, the more you discover who you are and what your personal tastes are. This also translates into the type of clothes you like to wear. I naturally gravitate towards styles that are simple, feminine, and a bit dressed up. I’m a modest dresser who shies away from anything exposing too much of my body or skin to the public. A principle I have learned and adopted from my mom growing up is this, “Leave behind an air of mystery.” While some women are confidently showing off their hot bodies, I prefer to be covered in all the right places but showing a peak of skin when I want to feel a little sexy. The comeback of off the shoulder tops and dresses makes this spring and summer trend a huge personal style favorite for me.

This top from Forever 21 is the perfect example of showing just a bit of skin, but remaining modest overall in your look.
This top from Forever 21 is the perfect example of showing just a bit of skin, but remaining modest overall in your look.

My college days were the only time I ever saw off the shoulder clothes become a big trend at the time. I didn’t own much off the shoulder dresses, but I had a few sweaters and light tops to pair with skirts or jeans. The off the shoulder look is an alternative to full on sleeveless or strapless when you don’t feel like showing full bare arms, but want to reveal a moderate amount of skin. I also think shoulders are sexy and a great way to draw some attention to a pretty top or maybe a fantastic necklace or earrings you may be wearing with your outfit.

Off the shoulder has a range of styles to choose from, like bohemian chic or classic solids, and the tops themselves can come in short or longer sleeves, loose and airy or skintight fits. Although I haven’t worn many off the shoulder dresses, they’d be the perfect formal outfit to opt for over the usual sleeveless or strapless dress variety for a wedding or garden party.

Be wedding or party ready with this cute off the shoulder dress from Target.
Be wedding or party ready with this cute off the shoulder dress from Target.

The best part about most styles in fashion is they come in cycles. While one trend may not be the biggest hit at the moment, they do find its way back onto the style radar and turn something old into something new again. I’m actually glad off the shoulder is getting another chance at being relevant in fashion again. It’s about time I dig out my off the shoulder tops now that shoulders are the new sexy––for the moment anyway.

Is the off the shoulder style hot or not for you?

9 thoughts on “Modest And Sexy: Off The Shoulder Tops And Dresses

  1. This is one of those looks that’s never really been for me, but I always thinks looks great on other people. I especially like off-the-shoulder blouses that are light and ruffly. Showing that little bit of extra skin pairs nicely with something flouncy, or even over-sized. (But that might the 80s in me talking, haha. 🙂 )

    1. Haha, well I was definitely too young at the time to get in on the oversized off the shoulder shirts in the ’80s. Off the shoulder sweaters are really nice, but I find those a little hard to wear in the winter when you’re just mostly wearing a down jacket whenever you’re out. How do you show off those sexy shoulders then? 😛 I do think this look is a nice alternative for those who don’t like baring a lot of skin, but want to still feel cool during those warm temperatures. Too bad they’re not quite work appropriate though, haha!

  2. I really love this look too! It’s kind of “sensual” or something, because it shows skin in a feminine, flirtatious way. 🙂 That said, I don’t own any of these right now. I guess I’m afraid the shirts will fall down! haha I should really try one though.

    1. I think you described this look best, “fun and flirtatious”! 🙂 I totally agree with that. Kinda like a wink and a nod when it comes to wearing off the shoulder. I actually don’t think you’re in any danger of these tops falling down. I’d say a tube top or strapless dress I’d be a little more concerned about. 😛 Definitely find a top or dress you like and give it a go. It’s a nice addition for your wardrobe.

  3. I love off shoulder style. I only have one and I feel like I am running out of time to shop for more since summer is almost over. Great post!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I have a few off the shoulder tops myself and would love to add a little more to my wardrobe. I actually think the look can still work as we transition into fall, especially if you find a long sleeve off the shoulder top. Perfect with jeans or a skirt!

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