Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 2): Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

There are times when I set up these challenges for myself and I wonder if I’m either taking on too much or expecting too much from myself. Despite doing what you can to meet the goals you set out for yourself, sometimes you’re going to encounter a few setbacks. It’s in these instances where you go easy on yourself and readjust where you can. The bottom line is you don’t quit when you still want to achieve something. It’s time to report on how I did with the redux edition of my Apollo Justice video game challenge.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All Fever: Pokemon Go Takes Over The World

Trends are funny things to predict. Companies and developers release a product or game thinking they have a huge hit on their hands only to discover, after the release date, that it’s anything but a hit. Others quietly release something without a ton of marketing leading up to its launch date and find it has become a nationwide or even global phenomenon. The recent release of Pokemon Go for Android and iOS devices has brought forth an accidental perfect storm of utilizing the ever popular casual gaming app market and blending it together with a well-known and ongoing franchise that is Pokemon.

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Subscription Boxes: A Box Of Awesome Or A Box Of Clutter?

I don’t necessarily call myself a collector of anything. Collectors often buy cool but expensive action figures, toys, or memorabilia from their favorite video games, TV shows, or movies. The hardcore collectors often have whole shelves or rooms dedicated to their geeky treasure trove of awesome to put on display. Despite not really being a hardcore collector of anything, I’m not entirely opposed to collecting a few trinkets here and there to represent my most geekiest of passions. When my older sister convinced me to give one of those monthly subscription boxes a try, I opted for a three month subscription and I learned quite a few things from having received two boxes so far.

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Modest And Sexy: Off The Shoulder Tops And Dresses

The older you get, the more you discover who you are and what your personal tastes are. This also translates into the type of clothes you like to wear. I naturally gravitate towards styles that are simple, feminine, and a bit dressed up. I’m a modest dresser who shies away from anything exposing too much of my body or skin to the public. A principle I have learned and adopted from my mom growing up is this, “Leave behind an air of mystery.” While some women are confidently showing off their hot bodies, I prefer to be covered in all the right places but showing a peak of skin when I want to feel a little sexy. The comeback of off the shoulder tops and dresses makes this spring and summer trend a huge personal style favorite for me.

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