Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition): Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

Tackling a challenge will always prove to be exactly what it is––a challenge. The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with my one month goal of finishing a video game in its entirety. You eventually learn life will constantly shift in unexpected ways despite your best set intentions. Without further ado, let’s see how I did with my redux video game challenge.


Adulting and scheduling gets harder and harder the older you get. You think you have a plan laid out and you’re confident you’ll execute it exactly as you have it pictured in your head only to realize those best laid plans go out the window once the month really gets going. After failing to finish Apollo Justice last month, I was certain I’d get it this month. Four cases in total. No problem, right? Not exactly.

The month of June had most of my weekends unexpectedly filled with the exception of a friend’s wedding scheduled months in advance. I thought the only significant thing going on this month was my friend’s wedding and I’d have at least one or two weekends where I could fully devote all my time to Apollo Justice. As I found out, staying home less on the weekends became the consistent trend for June.

The little time I did find over the weekends and sometimes on a weeknight, I managed to complete the case Turnabout Corner and I’m nearly finished with Turnabout Serenade. Of the cases I played so far, I’m enjoying Turnabout Serenade the most. It may change when I play and finish the last case in the game, Turnabout Succession, but that remains to be seen. What I’ve decided to do going forward after another unsuccessful challenge completion is to extend this challenge into one more month. This time I’m absolutely certain I’ll be able to finish the game once and for all. What the last month and this month has shown me is I am able to handle finishing one case each month when I can’t marathon two on a weekend like I would have wanted to. I also have a burning determination to be completely caught up with the Ace Attorney series so I’m ready for the new Spirit of Justice game in September. It’s going to happen one way or another.

Check in with me again next month when I’ll finally have Apollo Justice completed and I give my overall thoughts on the characters, story, and gameplay.

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