Critical Hit: My First Introduction Into The World Of Dungeons And Dragons

My relationship with board games growing up as a kid was largely limited. My family was never the kind of people to gather around a table on a Sunday afternoon to play Monopoly, Clue, or any other classic board game you can think of from your childhood. Playtime at my house meant being alone in your room with your imagination and your Barbie dolls to act out whatever story was in your head. This suited me just fine as a child who often felt shy and uncomfortable in a crowd and preferred the quiet solitude of her room. Lacking the experience and memories other friends had of playing board games with their siblings or entire family meant I had to learn how to play these well-known board games later in life during a group hangout at someone’s place. When the opportunity to try out a very old but equally known game called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D for short) presented itself to me, I decided I wanted to dive right in.

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