Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition): Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

Tackling a challenge will always prove to be exactly what it is––a challenge. The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with my one month goal of finishing a video game in its entirety. You eventually learn life will constantly shift in unexpected ways despite your best set intentions. Without further ado, let’s see how I did with my redux video game challenge.

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Critical Hit: My First Introduction Into The World Of Dungeons And Dragons

My relationship with board games growing up as a kid was largely limited. My family was never the kind of people to gather around a table on a Sunday afternoon to play Monopoly, Clue, or any other classic board game you can think of from your childhood. Playtime at my house meant being alone in your room with your imagination and your Barbie dolls to act out whatever story was in your head. This suited me just fine as a child who often felt shy and uncomfortable in a crowd and preferred the quiet solitude of her room. Lacking the experience and memories other friends had of playing board games with their siblings or entire family meant I had to learn how to play these well-known board games later in life during a group hangout at someone’s place. When the opportunity to try out a very old but equally known game called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D for short) presented itself to me, I decided I wanted to dive right in.

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Viewer Engagement Gauge: Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood vs. Fate/Stay Night

Between fitting time to play video games and continuing my journey writing the first draft of my fantasy novel, I’ve also managed to squeeze in some anime viewing as well. With all my favorite TV shows on hiatus for the summer until the fall, except for Game of Thrones, it’s the perfect time to watch other shows I may not have a chance to watch during the week or weekends. Among the shows currently on my viewing roster are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Fate/Stay Night.

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Romper In The Sun

Summertime is the season for sun, sand, and ice cream. When the temperature climbs to near 90-degree levels with the humidity at record high suffocating, big city dwellers like me often face the conundrum of wanting to take advantage of the nicer weather but absolutely detest walking the streets in the heat. Your best bet to at least tolerate the hot air when you’re out having fun in the concrete jungle is to wear looser and cooler clothing. Among the popular ongoing style trends of the summer is the romper.

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