May Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney

What I love most about extended holiday weekends, like Memorial Day, is it gives you the opportunity to do whatever fun activity you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Whether you have holiday plans to hit the beach or stay in and catch up on that video game you’ve been wanting more time with, an extra day can do wonders for you. If only we had more extended weekends every single month. Before I say goodbye to May, let’s see how I did with this month’s video game challenge.

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Anime Review: Your Lie In April

Music is an emotional and universal experience. Its reach can be far and wide, has the power to bring people together, or it can inspire. Music gives us what we need in each moment. And just like music has the power to affect us in a meaningful way, so does meeting the right kind of people who will prove to be significant to us in some way, big or small. For piano prodigy Kousei Arima, music is the key to facing his personal demons and healing himself with the help of a fellow musician who brings back color into his life and a renewed passion for the piano.

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Movie Review: Maggie

Zombies are everywhere. It’s hard to escape stories about zombies in the shows we watch like The Walking Dead, or the video games we play, such as Left 4 Dead. Whatever our fascination is with zombies, most media I’ve consumed about zombies almost always focuses on survival or how once regular, every day citizens channel their inner badasses and start shooting zombies in the head as if it’s a blood sport. While I appreciate experiencing these stories on occasion, they tend to offer nothing new about what it’d be like to live during a zombie apocalypse. When I watched the movie Maggie a few weeks ago, I’m struck by how different this movie felt compared to other zombie movies.

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Anime Review: Erased

Stories about time travel often have a certain appeal people like to come back to again and again. The idea of either moving backwards or forwards in time, either to redo something you’ve done in your past or knowing where you’ll end up ten years into the future, is an ability all of us at one point or another would love to have. We all make mistakes we wish we could go back  in time and fix or the curiosity of knowing how your life will turn out if you choose one path over another may make you better equipped at making tough decisions easier if you knew what the possible outcome would be. In the anime Erased, Satoru Fujinuma has a chance to go back to the past to prevent a series of tragic events from happening, while also altering his personal life and future in ways he never thought he needed changing and sometimes for the better.

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Video Game Challenge For May: Game Number Seventeen Revealed

The month of May often calls to mind three things for me: the height of spring with the promise of summer around the corner, shows wrapping up their season with season finales, and the start of the summer blockbusters at the movies. While there’s plenty to be excited about in May, I also see it as an opportunity to have a bit more wiggle room in my free time. When TV show season starts to slow down with less for me to watch during the week, I can concentrate on other hobbies I like to indulge in. For instance, video games! Warmer temps and sunnier days may mean I might be out of my house more than I’m actually home, but my next video game challenge pick ensures I can game on the go.

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