Video Game Challenge For April: Game Number Sixteen Revealed

Fantasy and whimsical tales about princesses, dark creatures, and chance encounters with a variety of people who become loyal friends during an adventurous quest are the stories I love the most. I always find the season of spring to be magical on its own with flowers sprouting up from deep underground or butterflies skipping along the grass  to bask in the sunshine after a long hibernation period. I almost half expect to catch a glimpse of a fairy to commemorate another spring. Having these lovely images occupying my mind, my next video game challenge fits the current mood I’m in.


Child of Light is a side-scroller video game that focuses on the story of Aurora, the daughter of a Duke who mysteriously falls ill and seemingly  dies the next day. Aurora wakes up to find herself in the mythical land of Lemuria determined to find her way home to her grief stricken father, with the aid of a tiny blue firefly named Igniculus, and save Lemuria from the clutches of the dark queen Umbra to restore the light of this world once more. This charming video game is my pick for this month’s challenge.

The game itself has the look and feel of a children’s storybook with bright colors and dreamy shades to make it an extremely attractive game to simply watch and appreciate even if you’re not playing it. Dialogue is largely written with the characters speaking in rhyme, and the music box tinkling of the game’s musical score enhances the beauty and magic Lemuria possesses. I often find myself humming along to the score and I personally think some of the music would be nice lullabies to put children to sleep.

Combat in the game is turn based with a bit of an RPG element mixed in. As you progress through the game, Aurora encounters a number of people along the way to join the party and assist her in battles. The set up is very similar to a Final Fantasy game, such as switching between characters during a fight or enhancing and hindering certain characters with speed or slow downs to give you better leverage against enemies.

Child of Light has been a steady progress for me so far without any difficulty to make the game stressful or frustrating to play. It’s an easy pleasure sort of game and it comes at a perfect time when the kind of game I want to play uplifts and puts a warm smile on my face. As always, look for my progress report towards the end of the month.

10 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge For April: Game Number Sixteen Revealed

    1. I didn’t either until I saw it was free on Xbox One during their Free Games with Gold program and I decided to download it. I really fell in love with the graphics and how the story starts to unfold. Hopefully the entire experience will be amazing and you might want to play it at some point too!

  1. It seems like a Western-made JRPG, so I think I’ll check this game out. I found it’s interesting seeing a Western interpretation of an overseas genre. Undertale is a good example of this while Dark Souls is a good example of the opposite.

    1. That’s what struck me about the gameplay for Child of Light. It does feel like I’m playing a Final Fantasy game during the battle mode moments. It’s very turn based too, but I think the developers do a good job with it.

  2. Nice! This is on my to-play list as well, so I look forward to reading about how things go! I’ve also read that it’s a very pretty and less stressful game — that’s a darn good combination for when things get really busy. Good luck. 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks Cary! I definitely need a game that’s less involved after my Saints Row IV attempt. I could use a game that’s going to keep me more relaxed. This is why I decided to go for this one. 🙂

  3. I absolutely adore this game! It’s so beautiful and fun. I first played it during a rough time in my life, psychologically, and it really spoke to me and in some ways helped me through it all. I also love the soundtrack, I have a few of the songs on my Spotify playlist 🙂

    1. Gotta love games that can be both entertainment and as a place to get you through whatever rough time you might be going through in the moment. I’m glad this game was it for you. I can see why. It’s really pretty and there’s something about it that’s uplifting and hopeful. I really can’t wait until I get to the end! 🙂

    1. It is good! I’m definitely enjoying the world and characters. It’s the perfect game to play if you want to get lost in a fairy tale for a little while. 🙂

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