April Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Child of Light

April has been a balanced month of being active, as the spring weather has made it impossible for me not to be outside, and staying in to recharge those batteries when I may spend too much time being social. It’s during those stay in and rest days that I have devoted some time into playing this month’s video game challenge pick. To wrap up the month, let’s dive into my progress report.

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Overcoming Fear: The Struggle Of Pursuing A Dream And Silencing The Negative Voices In Your Head

I am by nature a quiet and introspective kind of person. When I am alone, I’m often found going deep within to reflect on any number of things––myself, people, and situations I may encounter in my day to day life. If you were to get inside my head, it’s constantly swimming in thoughts and emotions I’m trying to process. This is why I tend to keep and write personal journals. It’s an outlet to pour whatever I feel or think in written form. The pages become a vessel to unburden myself from the noise and crowding in my head that may have gotten too difficult to carry for a long period of time. It’s also a form of writing that helps heal me and pushes me to honestly and critically assess myself as I am now and who I still want to be in the future. Among my inner reflections lately has included the ongoing struggle of writing and finishing my novel.

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Let’s Play: Video Games Best Played With Friends Than Solo

Spending a considerable amount of time developing my gaming identity in the last few years as a late bloomer gamer, I can say, like most gamers, I prefer playing solo than seeking out the online multiplayer co-op experience. Most of us want the time and space away from the rest of the world to simply enjoy a game on your own without having to interact and socialize all the time. As more and more games started getting introduced to me, I began realizing there are some games that are impossible to play without having a friend or two to play with. If I didn’t have friends to play certain games with me, I know those games just wouldn’t be played or finished without them. Based on my own personal experience and the games I currently own, I’ve compiled a list of games I wouldn’t play solo without the support of a friend to play with.

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Video Game Challenge For April: Game Number Sixteen Revealed

Fantasy and whimsical tales about princesses, dark creatures, and chance encounters with a variety of people who become loyal friends during an adventurous quest are the stories I love the most. I always find the season of spring to be magical on its own with flowers sprouting up from deep underground or butterflies skipping along the grass  to bask in the sunshine after a long hibernation period. I almost half expect to catch a glimpse of a fairy to commemorate another spring. Having these lovely images occupying my mind, my next video game challenge fits the current mood I’m in.

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