A Touch Of Geek: Personalizing My Every Day Possessions In Small Ways

I don’t particularly make it obvious how much I love watching anime, read manga, or play video games in my daily fashion choices. It’s a sentiment I have written about before on this blog and on Geek Force Network when the site used to be active. While I may not always show my pride and passion for the leisure hobbies I like to pursue during my spare time, it doesn’t mean I haven’t found smaller ways to convey my enjoyment of them.

Going to conventions, comic shops, or Japanese bookstores often make these places the perfect spots to find stickers, key chains, or other small items for sale. Living in an apartment with limited space, like I do, makes buying the occasional sticker or small desk figure the best alternative option to take a piece of what you love most from an anime, comic, or video game home with you. Among my favorite small item purchases is the key chain.

I find key chains, or even cell phone strap charms, the simplest way to instantly accessorize an otherwise plain bag or backpack. You can hook them on the loop of a zipper or a strap (depending on how thin or thick the strap is) and it instantly makes your bag fun and colorful without it being too conspicuous. Well, unless you start putting too many and prefer to have lots of tiny little charms dangling away as you walk.

My gray work bag is a little brighter with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask at its side.
My gray work bag is a little brighter with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask at its side.

My style taste has always been really simple and subtle. When I found and purchased key chains of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask at New York Comic Con one year, I decided I wanted to show them off by linking them to the zipper of my work bag. After purchasing the bag a while ago, it served the purpose I needed my work bag to have but it felt a little bland to me when I carried it with me to my job every day. By adding these cute, small, and geeky key chains to the zipper, it really transformed the bag into becoming uniquely me. It no longer looked like any other bag a woman on the subway would carry, but it instead set me apart from the crowd. It’s also a great conversation starter, like when a woman at a library once noticed my Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask key chains and complimented me on them. I made these small geeky items stylish and cute.

There are also those times when key chains can simply be key chains for your keys, but even choosing one to link with your keys can be a personalized thing. I kind of think a person’s keys can tell you a little bit about the person in front of you. Mine certainly has a little story behind each key chain currently attached to my home keys, and I’m always proud to tell it when someone asks me about them.

My keys kind of paint a small picture of my interests and who I am. Can you figure out what it says about me?
My keys kind of paint a small picture of my interests and who I am. Can you figure out what it says about me?

Any chance to accessorize my possessions in small ways to quietly showcase a part of who I am is something I embrace wholeheartedly. If I encounter people who like the same things I do, then what better way to spark a conversation than by displaying it through your keys or bags?

5 thoughts on “A Touch Of Geek: Personalizing My Every Day Possessions In Small Ways

  1. Aw this is such a great idea!!! I never really talk about my interests either unless I know the person won’t immediately assume things like I’m a weaboo or have yellow fever-which really is such an ignorant thing to say considering most people who say such things hardly know what that truly means.
    Anyways, I really liked this post and thanks for sharing!!! I know this is really out there and stuff, but maybe could you do a make up post? I’m pretty confused with it lol as I only wear foundation, some liner and mascara. I’d like to wear more but I have no idea where to start and on youtube it looks like girls cake their face with expensive products. It’s a little much to take in lolol

    1. Thank you for the really nice comment! Yeah, I don’t really bring up my interests unless someone happens to mention they like the same thing I like.

      Unfortunately, I’m the wrong person to ask about doing a makeup post. I actually don’t wear a ton of makeup or any at all. The only makeup I do wear is lipstick/lip gloss. I’m pretty sure there are good YouTube channels or blogs that cover beauty/makeup. If I actually know any? Not so much either.

  2. Lol, I find myself doing the same thing! I used to have this strawberry keychain with a Pikmin holding on to it for dear life, a little flower on its head. Sadly, he lost his flower, so he’s not as cute anymore. It’s such a nice subtle way to share your passion!

    1. It’s a tragic day when you lose a piece of a key chain or figure that completes the whole thing. Or you could lose the key chain all together if the chain snaps! I definitely agree it’s a nice way to show your interests without being obvious. 🙂

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