Second Chances: Is It Ever Good To Revive A TV Show?

We’ve all experienced the pure magic of watching the pilot of a TV show for the first time and thinking, “This is fantastic. I can’t wait to keep tuning in week after week.” It’s rare these days for most shows to last past a second or third season, but when a show has a chance to stick around for nine seasons like The X-Files or ten seasons like Friends, sometimes we’re sad to see it end but you know it’s time.

With the onslaught of reboots and remakes happening for both film and television, the new trend for this medium is the revival of an old, fan favorite TV show that has long since ended maybe eight or ten years ago. Current examples include the aforementioned The X-Files, Heroes, Full House, and most recently Gilmore Girls. While there is a nostalgia factor driving these shows getting green lit to be revived, especially when most of the original cast of these shows are involved, I truly wonder if it’s better to leave these shows where they belong––in the past.

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