The Growth And Development Of Gurren Lagann’s Simon

One of my biggest approaches to life is this––come into things with an open mind. This concept tends to extend to the media I consume. When I read quite a bit about the anime Gurren Lagann being one of those shows “the ones to watch,” I must admit I wasn’t sure if I’d really like Gurren Lagann. Mech animes never really appealed to me. Maybe it’s because on the surface it seemed like the type of anime that wouldn’t have anything to offer beyond lots of action, mech battles, and plenty of fanservice. Okay, Gurren Lagann does have all of that, but one of the reasons I stuck with watching the anime until the end were the characters. One who particularly stood out to me was Simon. Fair warning, there will be some spoilers about the anime.  Continue reading “The Growth And Development Of Gurren Lagann’s Simon”