Odds And Ends: What My January Looked Like In Geekery

Normally, the final week of January would be the time I discuss my progress with a particular video game I have chosen for my ongoing video game challenge series for the blog. January turned out to be an entirely different month for me personally. Instead of a video game challenge report to conclude the month on, I’ll be giving a brief overview of what geeky related things I have done.

The main reason 2016 didn’t start with a video game challenge was the result of me going away for vacation starting on New Year’s Day itself. The week away from home and the blog has given me a chance to further recharge my batteries and clear my head for a while. It also helps that I was doing all this while feasting my eyes on beautiful places and creating new memories to take with me when I came home. The end of 2015 saw me take a break from video games because I just wasn’t in the mood to play them. Giving myself a chance to miss them, as I did other things to occupy my free time, has gotten me excited to reacquaint myself with the joy of playing all the games.

Since returning from vacation, I have dabbled in a little bit of everything. I’m slowly going through the episodes of the anime Gurren Langann on Hulu, a show I started watching last month and found myself enjoying immensely. I’ve been catching up on some reading, the novelized and comic book kind, in an attempt to tackle my reading backlog. There has been a book that is taking me a little over a year to finish, partially because I don’t devote enough time to reading like I used to, and there are comic books still waiting for me to crack open. One comic book I’m slowly reading is the first volume of the Jessica Jones comics entitled Alias. Being a huge fan of the Krysten Ritter Netflix series and receiving the comic book volume as a gift for Christmas last month, I thought it was a good time to commit to finishing this one first. I can say I’m liking what I’ve read so far.

Gurren Lagann

I may not have picked out a video game to really focus on for the month of January, but this does not mean I haven’t started picking up the controller again to play something. January being the time to finish up my resting period from video games and resettling myself back into reality after a fun vacation, I finally decided to give the rest of the DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition my time and attention. It was also a fitting game to start off with since my self-imposed hiatus from playing video games. Dragon Age was the one to fully hook me into video games from the beginning and it’s only natural this would be the game to get me pumped to play games again.

I was halfway into the DLC The Descent before I left the game untouched for months. Now that I have beaten The Descent and moved onto the final DLC Trespasser, I’m on course to finishing whatever is still new about Inquisition before I leave it on the shelf to move onto other games. There is a plan to write about my thoughts and impressions for all the DLC for Inquisition, but that post won’t be appearing until after I finish Trespasser. The best part about playing Trespasser so far is the character interactions the Inquisitor has with companions and advisors in the game. There are plenty of surprises, especially with my very handsome love interest Commander Cullen. Cue all the hearts and swoons!


There was a little bit of everything going on when it came to geeky pursuits this month. With a brand new month on the horizon, it’s time to get back to business with my video game challenges. It’s a new year and a new game needs to set the tone for how my game playing will shape up in 2016. Look for my video game pick for February next week!

6 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: What My January Looked Like In Geekery

    1. I know! 🙂 I remember that Simon and Nia post you wrote a while ago on ATB, haha! I know I did spoil it for myself by knowing what happens to Nia, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get around to watching much anime everyone else has been watching or did watch. I’m glad I’ve been managing my time a bit better these days to fit in some anime watching!

      I got up to the part where Simon did one last mission in the Gurren Lagann and then was thrown in jail with Viral, waiting to be executed for his crimes. It really sucks how things just spiral into such a bad situation really fast. One minute Simon and Nia are enjoying just being engaged and a peaceful life in Kamina City and the next minute the world is thrown into chaos and Nia is the enemy, leaving Simon lost and confused as to how it all went wrong.

      The anime is fantastic for its characters and its humor. I didn’t expect to find myself laughing so hard through a lot of these episodes, even when the episodes start taking a serious turn. This is why I really felt Kamina’s loss. I loved his personality and all the crazy things that come out of his mouth.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how it all ends for the characters. 🙂 If you have watched any other anime in the past or lately that you’ve enjoyed, feel free to recommend them to me! I might try to tackle Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood next, even though I know that’ll be a really long series to finish. 🙂

  1. I didn’t know there was more DLC for Inquisition! I doubt I’ll get back to that game any time soon, so I look forward to reading your posts.

    We all need to take a break from our hobbies at some point. Sounds like your vacation was just the ticket for that, and for gearing up to tackle whatever comes along next — games, comics, TV, whatever! It’s awesome to know that whatever you happen to stop doing will be right there waiting when you’re ready to start again. Ah, if only everything in life was so reliable! 😀

    1. Very true, haha! It does get overwhelming when you have so much you like to do and want to fit in time for all of it but you can’t sometimes. It’s a nice feeling to come back to something and you’re able to see it with new eyes or feel reenergized to tackle all of it again.

      Yeah, there’s three DLC for Inquisition. I personally think there’s really one you should download but you’ll find out more in my future post for that one. 😉

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