Odds And Ends: What My January Looked Like In Geekery

Normally, the final week of January would be the time I discuss my progress with a particular video game I have chosen for my ongoing video game challenge series for the blog. January turned out to be an entirely different month for me personally. Instead of a video game challenge report to conclude the month on, I’ll be giving a brief overview of what geeky related things I have done.

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Anime Review: Death Parade

What happens after we die and what awaits us in the afterlife? Is there an angel waiting in front of the pearly white gates in the sky to check off which souls have been good enough to gain entrance into Heaven or which of the bad souls get a one-way ticket straight to Hell? Or do the newly departed have to play games in a purgatorial type place for a judge to decide where their souls belong? The anime Death Parade has a unique take on what really happens when we die.

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