Blogging Milestones: simpleek Reaches The Four Year Mark

The month of November is here and with everything that has been going on with me lately, I nearly forgot this blog’s birthday is here. Time flies, right? Celebrating a blogging birthday may not mean much for most people, but it’s important to me when I realize I’m still at it after all this time.

Four years is a long time to keep a blog, especially one you’re not earning any money off of. It’s purely a commitment to writing what I enjoy talking about and a place for personal expression. Not much has changed in the four years I’ve kept this blog. I’m still busy most days, but abandoning my blog isn’t an option when life isn’t so crazy for me yet to have to shut it down for good. It’s still a constant struggle to write interesting content by the deadline I set up for myself, but it’s a good exercise in discipline and consistency.

My video game challenges has made up the majority of my content in the last year, but it’s an excellent way to motivate me to return to games I started but never finished or have yet to start. Making time for hobbies isn’t as easy like it used to be, but the important thing to remember is carve out some time for fun. We all have to work hard and take care of responsibilities, but we can’t forget to have a little fun along the way. Laziness can suck the fun out of doing anything when you’re tired or stressed, but finding the joy in something you always love should never be neglected when life gets in the way. There’s always a way!

Rotating posts to add variety to my blogging content hasn’t been easy in the last few years. My manga reading has taken a hit these days and scheduling time to watch anime has been difficult when there are other shows also starved for my attention. I’ve been working on trying to make a little extra time for anime in between the regular TV shows I like to watch. I have managed to watch a few anime shows beyond Sailor Moon in the last few months without any big interruptions. While shorter series are easier to digest these days, I’ve started tackling bigger series whose episode cap might go beyond 22 or 26 episodes. While the idea of binging an entire 56 or more episode run of an anime makes me feel restless just thinking about it, I try to make sure to pace myself when I decide to commit to watching a series in its entirety. Having streaming options like Netflix and Hulu does make watching a show whenever you want really easy and accessible. How did we survive before these services?

What’s nice about having my blog for four years is that in spite of everything else going on with me personally, it still remains my one constant in life. The blog is a testament to how it’s possible for something you started to still be standing and won’t fold under external or internal pressures as long as you don’t allow it. Maybe it may not make me money or maybe it will someday, but I like to grow and nurture something I started. It’s with this mindset that I hope my blog keeps growing and evolving with me.

Thank you all for your continued support year after year. I wouldn’t find the strength and motivation to keep running this blog if it weren’t for people like you who keep visiting and reading each week.

What's with the look Kyo? Tohru is just celebrating the blog's birthday by snuggling kittens. Nothing wrong with that.
What’s with the look Kyo? Tohru is just celebrating the blog’s birthday by snuggling kittens. Nothing wrong with that.

13 thoughts on “Blogging Milestones: simpleek Reaches The Four Year Mark

  1. Happy blog birthday!! That’s so exciting. I totally agree that it’s really important to keep time for fun and not let laziness take over as soon as we have down time. Your blog continues to be one of my favorites, and I really admire how consistently you keep writing. =)

    1. Thanks Ashley! 🙂 Your blog is one of my favorites too! Haha, I’m not really sure how I’m able to keep a consistent schedule with my blog but I’ve been doing my best! It’s really easy to sometimes want to do nothing after a long day, but we have our hobbies for a reason and they’re meant to be enjoyed. I can’t think of a better way to unwind than playing video games, reading, or whatever suits your fancy.

  2. Happy anniversary! You deserve all the accolades for being so consistent and consistently good in your blogging. I especially like keeping up with your writing because I never know what’s going to be here week after week. You always have something different share, and that’s really awesome. Cheers to another year! 😀

    1. Aww! Thanks Cary! 😀 I try really hard to stay consistent and come up with new and different posts week after week. I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog and that same sentiment extends to your blog too. One of the best things about keeping my blog is the community here. I really can’t give that up when all you wonderful people are always there reminding me why doing this is fun and rewarding. Let’s make it to another year!

    1. Haha, thank you so much! 🙂 It makes me really happy to have such loyal readers coming back week after week. I’ll be sure to keep doing what I’m doing.

  3. Congrats on making four years! You’ve always kept things lively around here, so it’s not hard to imagine Simpleek continuing to be a strong and entertaining blog! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you think it’s a fun and lively place to come back to week after week. 🙂 I do my best! As long as life doesn’t start getting even crazier, I’m committed to keep this ship running for years to come.

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