November Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor

The holiday season can either be a stressful time or a chance to get together and spend some quality time with family and loved ones. Or if you want an activity that doesn’t require any physical effort or movement after stuffing yourself to a satisfied plumpness, like the turkey you just ate, then video games is the natural option. Now that the long Thanksgiving weekend of eating or scouring stores for the best Black Friday deals are behind us, it’s time I wrap up the final day of November with my video game progress report.

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Anime Review: Fruits Basket

Accessing and watching anime has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many others. When the mood struck to watch anime one evening, I browsed the selection of anime on Hulu and found all episodes of Fruits Basket available for streaming. This was the perfect opportunity to watch a shojo anime I only caught a few episodes of many years ago, but only now got to watch from start to finish.

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The Butterfly Effect: Final Thoughts On Life Is Strange

A few weekends ago I played the final episode of Life Is Strange. Many thoughts have been swirling in my head about the story and the episode itself. After giving the episode entitled Polarize a chance to sit and percolate in my brain banks for quite a bit, there’s a lot I want to discuss about it and how successful Dontnod Entertainment’s take on the episodic video game genre has wrapped up the ongoing story threads of Life Is Strange. Please read the following post with caution. There will be plenty of spoilers about Polarize. If you haven’t played the game or episode yet, it’s best to avoid reading this one until you have.

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Blogging Milestones: simpleek Reaches The Four Year Mark

The month of November is here and with everything that has been going on with me lately, I nearly forgot this blog’s birthday is here. Time flies, right? Celebrating a blogging birthday may not mean much for most people, but it’s important to me when I realize I’m still at it after all this time.

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Video Game Challenge For November: Game Number Fourteen Revealed

When we get further into the fall months and the leaves has reached its color changing peak, days get shorter and nights grow colder. I find myself wanting to stay in more and snuggling up with my blankets. Selecting a video game to play on those days when I’m free and indoors leads me to pick games with an exploration element to it, especially when combat involves lots of sword fights and stabbing. On that note, November’s video game challenge pick is a no-brainer for me.

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