October Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective

Ghost stories often offer an air of mystery and suspense. It starts off with the weird and inexplicable until it gradually builds toward unraveling long kept secrets with a surprising revelation tossed in. When these stories invite you to dig a little deeper and do a little detective work of your own, it creates a particularly immersive experience. The final week of October has arrived with Halloween fast approaching this weekend. It’s time to see if I wrapped up the case with this month’s video game challenge.

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New York Comic Con 2015 In Review

I’m a season pro of these comic conventions, having gone for about five years, and the experience hasn’t gotten stale for me. Not yet anyway. The energy and excitement near and inside the convention is undeniable. Everyone is happy to be there and we’re all holding our breaths in anticipation of what we’ll be seeing and experiencing this year. Without further delay, here’s a full breakdown of what my convention experience has been like when New York Comic Con hit the Big Apple last weekend.

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New York Comic Con 2015 Sneak Peak

Another successful New York Comic Con came and went this past weekend. This year, I have been fortunate enough to score 3-day passes to the biggest geek love fest our city has proudly embraced and marketed the hell out of in the last few years. Purchasing the coveted tickets gets increasingly difficult year after year, as this convention has grown in popularity and demand over time. I thank a higher power who seems to love me and enable me to go to the convention year after year since I haven’t missed one yet when I first started going a few years ago.

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Video Game Challenge For October: Game Number Thirteen Revealed

When I think of October, I immediately think of Halloween being around the corner. While the kids have their heads filled with candy and dressing up to become someone else for one day, naturally teens and adults want to be scared silly with horror movie marathons or visiting haunted houses. For gamers, it might be all about playing the scariest video games you can find. For my next video game challenge, I have selected an appropriate game in honor of the month that brings us Halloween.

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