Video Game Challenge For September: Game Number Twelve Revealed

Being a late bloomer kind of gamer, one of the first consoles I ever bought was Nintendo’s Wii system. I was dazzled by its motion sensor technology and the abundance of fun games made for the console, such as Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy. Naturally, I thought the Wii would be the only console I’ll own or ever need. Of course, I was proven wrong when a little game called Dragon Age: Origins for a certain Xbox 360 walked into my life.

I may not buy or have as many games for the Wii, especially when more emphasis has been placed on making games for Nintendo’s Wii U (a system I don’t have at the moment), but it doesn’t lessen the significance the Wii played in my life. When a console becomes your first entry point into becoming a gamer, you’ll never forget that moment. As I may have dropped an obvious hint about what system I’ll be playing on next, it’s time I unveil my newest video game challenge for this month.

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