September Video Game Challenge Progress Report: A Boy And His Blob

We apply our best effort in whatever we tackle in life. The same can be said with video games that provide, what I call, fun challenges. Mostly. Sometimes we have to admit our weaknesses and maybe try again another day when certain things are blocking you from achieving your goal. It’s time I give a full report on this month’s video game challenge.

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Fall Back Into Geekery: Why I Love Being A Geek In Autumn

It’s undeniable that fall is in the air. The leaves are turning subtle shades of yellow or red. The temperature continues to get cooler in the evenings to justify having a light sweater or jacket when you’re out––at least depending on where you are in the world. Even pumpkin flavored everything is making a comeback with a vengeance! With fall being one of my favorite seasons, next to spring, there’s still much to keep a geek occupied when the lazy days of summer packs its bags until next year.

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Geek Fashion: Going Beyond The Typical Graphic T-Shirts

I don’t proclaim myself to be a fashion expert, but I have an appreciation for well put together styles, color combinations, and tasteful accessorizing. Everyone’s personal style will be different and we all have our own idea of what fashion means to us. It’s a form of creative expression and the first impression we get when we meet someone. I have mentioned it many times before that while I’m a geek at heart, my fashion choices don’t outwardly show my geeky enthusiasm. I may admire a Lara Croft T-shirt worn by a friend, but I won’t wear one myself. I may think a piece of geeky jewelry looks cool, but still not feel compelled to wear them with my clothes. My style is simple, classic, and extremely feminine with dashes of floral prints paired with comfy leather boots. When Bioware hosted a fashion show at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle to reveal a new line of geek clothes, I fell in love at first sight.

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Video Game Challenge For September: Game Number Twelve Revealed

Being a late bloomer kind of gamer, one of the first consoles I ever bought was Nintendo’s Wii system. I was dazzled by its motion sensor technology and the abundance of fun games made for the console, such as Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy. Naturally, I thought the Wii would be the only console I’ll own or ever need. Of course, I was proven wrong when a little game called Dragon Age: Origins for a certain Xbox 360 walked into my life.

I may not buy or have as many games for the Wii, especially when more emphasis has been placed on making games for Nintendo’s Wii U (a system I don’t have at the moment), but it doesn’t lessen the significance the Wii played in my life. When a console becomes your first entry point into becoming a gamer, you’ll never forget that moment. As I may have dropped an obvious hint about what system I’ll be playing on next, it’s time I unveil my newest video game challenge for this month.

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