Video Game Challenge (Special Edition): Game Number Eleven Revealed, Two Months Combined, And A Redux

Judging from the title of this post, you probably guessed my next video game challenge will be rather special and different. It’s not so much the video game I’m selecting is special, unlike when I did Dragon Age: Inquisition for my challenge, it’s more like the circumstances surrounding my next challenge is.

Summer is back and it can be a busy time depending on what your plans are. As some of you may be aware by now, I love using my free time and my vacation days to get away and travel. It’s one of my biggest passions in life. That being said, right before the end of this month I’ll be going on vacation to Europe.

I debated whether or not to scrap my June video game challenge because I’ll be going away before the final week of the month. I also realized that by the time I come back from vacation, I’ll already have the first week of July come and gone. Did I really want to declare a video game challenge selection on the second week of the month? Not really. I like keeping a consistent schedule when I can. That’s when I decided I’ll combine two months together, June and July, for a supersized video game challenge edition. Doing it this way means I’ll still work on playing a game from my backlog in the earlier parts of June when I’m not getting ready to travel and I can continue into July to make up for those times I won’t be gaming. Obviously, the video game and system I choose has to be a portable one so I can take it with me on my trip. Gotta have something for those long plane rides, am I right? My supersized video game challenge is not only going to combine two months, but it’ll be a redux edition too.

If you’ve been following along with my video game challenges, you may know I don’t have a ton of failed video game challenges. My failure rate with my challenges are pretty small and I like to keep it that way. Thinking about the game I most want to play and commit to into the month of July, there has been one that keeps calling my name over and over again. My video game pick for this redux edition will be Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations for the Nintendo DS.

pw_trialstribulationsI know this is really my third time trying to finish this game as I have failed twice at completing it. They say third time is the charm and I’m determined to make it be true this time around. It was also a choice between trying to finish this game or Final Fantasy IV, but I’m simply not in the mood to trudge through caves to fight my way to the end. I’ll probably retry FFIV at a later date, but I want a game I know won’t cause me any unnecessary stress. Who needs that on vacation?

It’ll be me and Phoenix Wright for the next two months, and I’m confident we’ll be the best of friends by the end of it. Check in with me at the end of July for my full report on this supersized video game double month challenge!

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