Dreamy Lace: Why Lace Is My Current Favorite Fashion Trend

Fashion trends in the last few years have been pretty lackluster for me. Going clothes shopping almost always had me leaving the stores empty handed. Nothing in the clothing racks really excited me or gave me an overwhelming sense of, “Buy me!” This has probably been a good thing for my closet space and wallet. With an upward trend and interest in more softer and feminine styles for the spring and summer seasons lately, I have a reason to get excited about shopping again and finding the clothes I really want to buy. The lace trend is the current addition to the ultra romantic and feminine looks I’ve been seeing making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve always been the very definition of the typical super feminine dresser––pastels, flowers, and of course lace. I always want clothes that make me feel beautiful and romantic when I wear them. They say how you dress can be a reflection of your personality, and I think it’s true to a certain extent. If what I wear gives the impression of someone who appreciates beauty and is a romantic, then people would be right to come to that conclusion.

Lace is the penultimate symbol of girly styles in women’s fashion. It evokes images of delicateness, purity, sweetness, and having prim and proper outdoor tea parties in the afternoon sun. Lace often has patterns of flowers and vines making this the perfect style choice for the spring and summer.

Not a fan of showing off a ton of skin during the summer? Wearing a lace top over a tank top, like this one from H&M, may do the trick!
Not a fan of showing off a ton of skin during the summer? Wearing a lace top over a tank top, like this one from H&M, may do the trick!

While lace also has that association with wedding dresses, there are plenty of tops, dresses, and even shorts that are tailor made to be the kind of style that doesn’t have to be strictly for walking down the aisle. Material is often light and airy, which is what you’ll want to wear on hot summer days. As much as I like wearing lace summer dresses, my personal favorite lacey piece to wear are sheer tops meant to be thrown over a plain tank top.

My go-to summer style for those days when I’m just too lazy to put on a dress to keep myself cool is the laid back and casual variety. I’m a tank top and jeans kind of girl, and what can I do to make my look more dressed up? Find a sheer lace top to immediately layer over a tank top. I also don’t really like wearing clothes that makes me look sexy or shows off too much skin. I’m much more modest and rather keep my outfit as low-key as possible, while still feeling beautiful.

Forever 21's lace dress would probably go well with combat boots if you don't want your look to be too girly.
Forever 21’s lace dress would probably go well with combat boots if you don’t want your look to be too girly.

Lace is the kind of style that has everything I gravitate to when it comes to personal style––romance, beauty, elegance, and timelessness, which is why I think it’s the best look to see a resurgence in the fashion scene. Dressed up or dressed down, you can incorporate lace however you want to. A popular trend with any ultra girly, feminine looks is to add a little edge to the look––leather jacket, combat boots, etc. It kind of gives it a sweet, tough girl style vibe which I really love as a reinterpretation on the look. Lace may not be for everyone, but it can be versatile when you look at it from another angle.

Are you a lace fan? Share your opinion in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Dreamy Lace: Why Lace Is My Current Favorite Fashion Trend

  1. I love, love, love lace! For casual wear, I prefer to pair it with harder materials for a bit of an urban look, like with leather or a canvas-like utility coat, with some boots or sneakers. But for a dressier event, I like the lace paired with silk or satin. There no doubt that whenever i get married, my dress will have a significant amount of dainty lace.

    1. Leather jacket and combat boots is by far my favorite look for lace. It offers something different to your outfit and it tones down the girlyish look often associated with lace. It really is a pretty fashion piece, no matter what your mood is style wise! 🙂

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