Peace, Love, And Bell Sleeves: A ’70s Fashion Style Makes A Comeback

The best advice my mom has ever given to me when it comes to fashion and style is always keep a few items of clothing that aren’t necessarily classic styles in your closet. You’ll never know when something will be in fashion again. It’s a good thing this little piece of advice has stuck with me because one of my favorite fashion looks seem to be making a grand reappearance this spring––the bell sleeves.

Feel like a modern day princess with a top like this one from Forever 21.
Feel like a modern day princess with a top like this one from Forever 21.

As a kid who was born in the ’80s and grew up in the ’90s, bell sleeve tops were one of my favorite things to wear. The way the fabric draped and flowed delicately over my wrists always made me feel like I was a medieval princess in the modern world, even though these tops were usually paired with jeans. I was a kid who would twirl around in her room, watch the sleeves swish back and forth with my arms, and imagine a sweet romance where a prince would swoop in and whisk me off to his kingdom on horseback, those sleeves flapping prettily against the breeze. I was about 11 or 12-years-old. Give me a break.

When I got older and the style of bell sleeves was on its way out the door, I kept the ones I didn’t outgrow and gave away the rest that no longer suited me and my changing style tastes. For a while these tops remained buried at the bottom of my drawer, begging for their chance to shine again. I almost wondered if keeping them was just adding more clutter to an already tight living space until I noticed stores carrying and selling bell sleeve tops again.

The bell sleeves style may have been a fashion staple to come out of the ’70s, but there is an alluring feminine and free spirit appeal to this trend. Many would call this bohemian chic, the kind you would see women attending a Coachella concert wear, but I think it has a chill, down-to-earth look that’s perfect for the spring or summer. If you really want to channel your inner flower child further, adding a flower crown in your hair will instantly make you an Earth goddess to be adored.

An airy bell sleeves top can keep you cool and looking pretty in the summer too.
An airy bell sleeves top can keep you cool and looking pretty in the summer too.

If you obviously don’t want to go full on ’70s hippie with the bell sleeves top and bell bottom jeans, thankfully, we’re able to give this look a much more modern update by either wearing jean shorts or a long maxi skirt, especially if your top is of the mid-driff bearing kind. However you wear it, love and a carefree attitude will surely come out to welcome the beauty of spring. I’m certainly enjoying this upward trend in soft and feminine styles and I hope it continues.

What do you think of the bell sleeves making a comeback? Totally far out or not cool at all?

5 thoughts on “Peace, Love, And Bell Sleeves: A ’70s Fashion Style Makes A Comeback

  1. I love this look! There’s nothing prettier and more comfortable on a warm, spring day than a swingy top with bell sleeves. I used to rock these tops with bell bottoms (of course), as well as with long, flowy skirts. Seeing these shirts makes me want to get back into the trend, however, I’ve grown a little intolerant of shirts with sleeves that I can’t roll up! Guess that makes me an adult or something. 😉

    1. But Cary, the swishiness of the sleeves! You should give in to the trend again! I do agree that the only problem with these tops is it’s very hard to roll up and stay rolled up. Not very practical to wear when you have to do something that requires getting your hands dirty or when you eat. Food + bell sleeves = not a pretty sight. I’m excited to see these come back and I’m glad I’ll have an excuse to wear them again for a season. 😀

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