More Vacations & Posts To Watch For

I like to follow the rule of working hard and playing hard. Maintaining a blog I do for my own personal enjoyment with no monetary gain requires just as much hard work as doing my day job (the one that actually provides me with a regular salary) does. It’s rare for me to take a break from doing my blog. I only post once a week. It won’t kill me to keep doing it, you know? The only time I do allow myself the luxury of a break is when I’ll be away from home and the computer for an extended amount of time. Once again, as of today, I’m going on vacation.

This special announcement post isn’t new for some of you. I’ve written quite a few of these in the past. You might also be thinking, “Damn, this girl goes away for vacation a lot!” It’s true. I rarely, if ever, do staycations when I take time away from the office. I may dream of spending a week holed up at home gaming, reading, or watching anime all day long but I prefer taking the days off I have to go someplace that isn’t where I’m at. Being the adventurous girl that I am and having a lust for expanding my horizons and seeing new places, I have to get away. The world is a big and vast place and we have to make the most of this life and the opportunity you have to see what’s beyond just our backyard. At least if that’s what you desire. I know it’s what I always desire most every single day of my life.

I’ll be gone for over a week, but regular blogging will resume January 26. I already have a number of posts waiting in the pipeline when I come back. I’ll have my progress report for my video game challenge, an analysis piece for an anime I recently finished watching (not Sailor Moon for a change), and possibly a fashionista musing post I’m toying around with in my head with a touch of anime in it.

There’s quite a number of things to look forward to on the blog and I’ll be glad to dive right back in with my batteries fully recharged. Until then, see you at the end of the month!

Where I'm going involves bathing suits and beaches. The Sailor Scouts have the right idea for recharging their batteries.
Where I’m going involves bathing suits and beaches. The Sailor Scouts have the right idea for recharging their batteries.

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