Please Have Snow & Mistletoe: Fictional Characters I’d Love To Kiss Under The Mistletoe

The best thing about celebrating Christmas (for those of you who celebrate) are the traditions. Some family traditions involve decorating the Christmas tree with family. Other traditions may involve having a particular dish that’s exclusively made for the holidays. What’s Christmas without grandma’s famous egg nog? There’s also traditions people either love or dread around this time of the year. Depending on what your views are, people may like to bring out the seemingly harmless sprig of green with a cluster of white berries known as mistletoe.

Wherever this tradition of kissing under the mistletoe came from, it has been a source of delight and dread for most people. Maybe you need an excuse to kiss that office cutie you had your eye on for months because, you know, tradition dictates you must kiss under the mistletoe when you find yourselves under it. Or you’ll do anything to avoid being caught under it with that guy at the coffee shop who means well but is a bit of a creeper every time you get your morning java fix. To celebrate this Christmas week, I thought it’d be fun to list some of the fictional characters I wouldn’t mind being caught under the mistletoe with in no real order of favorites.

1. Zero from Vampire Knight. Dark, brooding, and a little bit intense makes a kiss from Zero probably brimming with pent up passion and maybe tears. It’s what an angst filled kiss would taste like.

zerobloodyrose2. Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Brave, excellent swordsman, and strong arms good enough to dip a young lady for a kiss is the stuff romantic fantasies are made of.


3. Kirby from any Nintendo games. You must think I’ve lost it by adding this pink puff ball on my list. Hear me out. A smooch from Kirby will give you exactly what you’d expect––something cute, sweet, and huggable to make any heart burst with Christmas cheer. The kiss would leave you much warmer on a cold winter’s night than any hot chocolate ever could.


4. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games series. Peeta bakes, he’s sensitive, and he’ll do anything for the girl he loves, even if it means stepping aside to watch her go off with another guy if it’s what she truly wants. A kiss from the guy next door would feel safe, secure, and as loved as you’ll want to be.


5. Cullen from Dragon Age: Inquisition. As the newest member of the romanceable men of Bioware club, there’s something naturally charming about him. Underneath that serious and duty minded exterior is a guy who is a little bit shy and a little bit mischievous. There’s a guy who is a romantic and won’t undoubtedly sweep a girl off her feet with one kiss.


6. Hook (Killian) from Once Upon a Time. Rakish good looks and a little bit of danger? There’s something to be said about a bad boy who knows he isn’t the kind you’d take home to meet the parents, but he’ll find a way to seduce himself into your heart. A kiss from this pirate would probably induce a hot make-out session under the mistletoe, but that’s about as far as it’ll go from there.


7. Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Another Bioware man makes this list (see number 5) and it’s an odd choice because the character is gay. You may be wondering why I’d want a kiss from a man who only has eyes for the same-sex. If you’ve been playing Inquisition and have a chance to get to know this Tevinter mage, he’s literally irresistible. Dorian is not only smart, well-read, and isn’t afraid to have his voice heard but he’s also cheeky, has a sense of humor, and he’s a fun flirt. Dorian is willing to serve up as much as you’re willing to dish out to him. I’d imagine Dorian being the kind of guy who, if he’s under the mistletoe with you, he’d be a good sport and play along for the fun of it. A kiss from him would feel like kissing a relative and not at all that serious. Probably after the two of you break apart, you’d look at each other and begin laughing at the silliness of it all. Yup, no complaints at all.


8. Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Tamaki is the clueless “king” and creator of the host club. He is unabashedly good looking and knows it, but he has a good heart and wants nothing more than to make sure everyone around him is happy and having fun. A kiss from Tamaki would ensure he’d put a lot of thought into making it as memorable as possible. He’ll even take requests to roleplay your deepest romantic desires and fantasies. It’d certainly be a fun, fantasy kiss for one day.


9. Gambit from X-Men. Watching X-Men the cartoon series back in the ’90s, I had a major crush on Gambit. He had that southern charm, a Cajun accent, and he had a cool ability to take an ordinary deck of playing cards and toss them at his foes as if they were throwing knives or ninja death stars. I always got the impression of Gambit being more of a lover and not a fighter. A kiss from him would probably be passion filled and then end with a kiss on the hand and a sly wink before he disappeared into the night.


10. Touga from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Another strange choice for anyone who has ever watched the anime series. Touga is a complete cad and is Ohtori Academy’s biggest playboy. Why would anyone want a kiss from this guy? When you look at Touga, he’s super hot. Plain and simple. He’s the guy who would be the biggest mistake to hook up with after one too many drinks at the office holiday party, but you don’t care because you want one reckless night of lust filled kisses. Touga is your man to give you just that. Wait, am I still talking about kissing under the mistletoe or did I go completely off topic? I’ll let you figure that out.


Longtime followers of my blog may notice an absence of obvious choices from my list of smoochable guys, as in one Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins and one Mr. Kaidan Alenko from the Mass Effect series. It’s not a mistake. I purposely left them out because it’d be too obvious. And for those who are new to my blog, my love for Alistair and Kaidan knows no bounds as I talk about them or mention them way too much in posts I’ve written in the past. I even dedicated older posts to them at one point too, which you can find here and here.

I hope you enjoyed my fun, Christmas themed list! Got a list of sexy fictional guys or ladies you wish you could kiss under the mistletoe or maybe just kiss in general? Let me know in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Please Have Snow & Mistletoe: Fictional Characters I’d Love To Kiss Under The Mistletoe

  1. Awww this is the best idea for a Christmas list ever! =) I have to agree with some of these choices, and I like how you described what it would be like to kiss Dorian (as a straight girl)! Mmm… and Chrom and Cullen are so dreamy.

    1. Haha, thanks! I wanted to make the list fun and have some of the choices be not what you’d expect. I definitely think it’d be interesting to get a kiss from Dorian and he’s none too shabby in the looks department either! 🙂 I’m definitely in love with Cullen at the moment. I make sure my Inquisitor keeps visiting him at Skyhold since I’m sure he’d be happy to see her after coming back from her long travels. 😉

  2. Such a sweet list, and what choices! I’ve not gotten far enough into DA:I to have much of an opinion of any of the characters, but now I look forward to getting to know both Cullen and Dorian! My own list would have to include Garrus, despite the anatomical differences. 🙂

    1. Definitely flirt with Dorian in DAI! My Inquisitor may be in a serious, committed relationship with Cullen, but she doesn’t mind flirting with the Tevinter mage from time to time. 😉 I also love his responses when you choose to flirt with him a bit.

      Garrus is a good choice too. I’m sure I’ll love his romance path once I get around to trying it out sometime. And I’ll bet kissing Garrus would be super sweet and cute!

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